Summer’s best friend sexy bikini – Enjoy hot season!

Your summer choice: bikinis    <img alt=”White Simple Low Cut V-neck Bikini Top” newimg=”https://images.yoins.com/thumb/big/oaupload/yoins/images/70/73/96a7647b-b3f4-4168-be35-79365429e687.jpg” oriimg=”https://images.yoins.com/thumb/big/oaupload/yoins/images/38/7F/96f73319-7886-41dd-8a96-3491c97b2455.jpg” src=”https://images.yoins.com/thumb/big/oaupload/yoins/images/38/7F/96f73319-7886-41dd-8a96-3491c97b2455.jpg”> You really have to have the body of someone built for nothing but bikini wearing not to feel ridiculous in this summer’s garments, If I might take a moment to talk about my body?

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Honey Birdette ad banned from lingerie stores due to ‘highly sexual’ nature

IT’S fair to say that Eloise Monaghan has had a gutful. For 10 years the creator of the Honey Birdette lingerie range has been battling people who complain about the appearance of women;s breasts in her advertising campaigns. One year she had an image banned because it showed too much

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