Choose Body Glove Swimwear For the Ultimate in Swimwear

Body Glove swimwear has become synonymous with an edgy fashion sense, individual styling and superior quality. Thanks to the modern convenience of the internet it is now easier than ever to purchase its extensive online range. The smart shopper can now easily purchase this highly desirable brand in swimwear from the comfort of home or office. In the year 1997, Body Glove International was incorporated as a subsidiary of Dive N Surf and operates out of Redondo beach in sunny California. It designs a range of surfing gear, diving gear, Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits  and day wear for children and adults alike. It first began as a company that created wetsuits for the surfing community.

This is how it was first popularized in the early 1980s, when it catered to the divers and surfers, designing wetsuits and other gear. It first created a swimwear range when it employed a young designer, Robin Piccone, who took the innovative step of designing swimsuits out of neoprene. The first range was launched in 1986 and soon the idea swept the fashion industry. By the end of the decade neoprene was a popular fabric across the board. The smoothies range of swimwear employs rich, solid colors in a variety of shades, using names like espresso, peppermint, truffles, sunflower and azuro. It makes full use of bold colors like red, white, black and blue, but also uses fun colors like neon green and bright pink in a range that is playful, yet sophisticated.

Choose the freedom range for a bold statement. This range utilizes the age old peace sign symbol, printed in various colors on a strong color background. Red, white and black are the bold colors used in this beautiful and exotic range. Matched sets are a traditional favorite, but you can mix designs and patterns as is your wont. Mix a boy leg pants or Brazilian thong with a stylish bandeau top or other style to suit your taste.

The age old candy stripe is an elegant favorite and has been remade in the rumors range. It utilizes a mix of bold colors with a broad white stripe for a classic look. You can wear it as a matched set or mix it up with other patterns and designs. Why not go for a floral motif or choose a complimentary shade for the Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits  bottom? There are so many colors and designs to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice.

Do not forget the simple elegance of the one piece bathing suit. Look stunning in a neoprene one piece that is accessorized with a front zip feature and a belted waist. A racy look is created by a bold edging in stark black against either fluorescent shades or soft pastels.

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