Correct Order to Apply Skin Care

Everyone in today’s world is busy, tense, and somehow irritated.  Among all the things we stress about in our day-to-day life, our makeup shouldn’t be one of them. Firstly we all should know how to use makeup and what items we need to get the best results. After you have got yourselves all the essentials you should know the tips and tricks that will help your makeup last really long.  So today we present to you some of the best key measures following which you can make your makeup last long.

Determination of Our Skin Type

The very first and very important step before applying any makeup on your skin is the determination of your skin type. After we successfully determine our skin type. We should only use those makeup products that suit our skin type failing which we may not get the desired results. Hence, when it comes to makeup, knowing our skin type becomes the very first priority. We should smartly select only those textures which go really well with our skin type. All women with oily skin should avoid using dewy foundations because it can make their skin much oilier a result which may cause it to break down much faster. Women who fall into the opposite criteria and have dry skin should go for dewy and moisturizing textures. Prior to using makeup everyone should make sure that their skin is clean and moisturized in order to give their makeup a proper starting surface.

Start with  Setting up Powder

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Setting Powders are such products that are formulated with mattifying properties.  Such setting powders are basically loose powders that help in preventing your face makeup from smudging all over the day.  Everyone should use a setting powder, that goes well with their skin tone as the final step to set their makeup.  We can use a  powder brush for the purpose. And dip it into our setting powder and then gently dab the makeup brush along our jawline, cheeks, forehead, and over our nose.

By Using  Setting Spray

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All the women who have dry skin are suggested to use the setting spray in place of a setting powder. This is because it will give your face a dewy appearance throughout the day. It also works to set your eye and lip makeup along with your foundation. All you need to do to use a makeup setting spray is to hold the spray bottle about six inches away from your face. And apply not more than two spritzes of the spray after you are completely done with your makeup application.

Avoid Layering on Too Much Makeup

 Layering on too much makeup is in no way a good idea. If you do so it will cause your beauty products to come off during the day itself. You are suggested to avoid applying a thick, cakey foundation for full coverage. The reason behind this is that thick layers of foundation don’t stick to the skin properly and therefore slide off the face just within a couple of hours. You have many things to take care of while using makeup. Or else it will fade away much earlier and disappoint you. You should start with a thin layer and use your finger or maybe a makeup sponge to dab the product into your skin properly. I would suggest you go for long-wearing products like waterproof mascara or long-wear eyeliner which will deliver intense pigment without even asking for excess layering.

Exfoliation of The Face

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Any  Makeup does best only to exfoliate the skin. If you have dry, patchy, or bumpy skin, you should go ahead to exfoliate your face to remove all the dead skin cells. However, while doing so one has to be extremely careful and should not over-exfoliate. All those women with oily skin should exfoliate about three times a week, whereas those with dry skin can exfoliate twice a week.

 Using a Primer

 After you are done following your regular skincare routine, you should first use a primer before applying makeup. Primer is considered to be an excellent beauty product that seals in moisture and helps foundation adhere to your skin properly. It is suggested to purchase only those primers that promise long-wearing capabilities. While applying, remember to use it in small amounts and then gently distribute it across your entire face.

Tips for  Eyeshadow Technique

All sorted with your cheek, nose, and forehead. But what about your eye shadows? The top most secret behind a long-lasting eyeshadow is to apply concealer as a  base to your makeup. It is really impactful as it ensures that your eye makeup lasts throughout the night and you look extremely gorgeous. Another best thing it does is that it makes your eyeshadow pop up thereby giving it an enchanting look. Now that you know how important this product is, you should never forget to prime your eyelids with concealer before you set out.

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