Hot Trend-What to Wear in July

Bless me fashion for I have sinned. I am just like a Barbie Girl who loves to change clothes and accessories every single time. I may not have the most slender or sexiest figure, but I do know how to flaunt my curves perfectly with the right dress. I know my assets and my insecurities so I make sure that I can dress to impress and dress with confidence. I know what to flaunt so I make sure I say it with a dress that shows my curves flawlessly and elegantly!

I am not a plain Jane so if you raid my wardrobe, you will see so many unique, stylish and sophisticated dresses. I like dresses that easily stand out and are fashionable statements in themselves without having to over-accessorize. My favorite styles are tweeds, lace dresses, two-piece coordinates, and dresses with stylish cutouts or embellishments. I also love colorful dresses because it is a splash of fresh and vibrant look. The look is so welcoming and charming, never so intimidating. I love feminine yet edgy outfits with a seductive touch. No need to strip tease nor bear too much skin just to attract someone.

Us girls love to paint the town red and celebrate special milestones and events in our lives. We always have reasons to shop and buy new dresses because we love to dress to impress. As a self-confessed shopaholic, I love to own pieces that stand out without having to accessorize.

Colorful T-shirt Style Sleeveless Sun Dress with Pockets

Colorful dresses will always be in no matter what the season is. This is an instant head-turner dress because it gives off a very friendly and cheerful vibe. As the sun dress is loose with pockets, the dress is very convenient and easy to wear. Perfect for any errands, lunch dates with girlfriends, or even barbecue dates. No need to be conscious of your figure and other body insecurities whenever you are wearing this laid-back T-shirt dress. I love dresses with pockets as I have the perfect excuse to leave my bag and just walk carefree.

2) Chiffon Ruffle Crop Top Two-piece maxi dress

 This dress is perfect for a beach and garden wedding. It is a stand-out coordinate. The color yellow is so bright and sunny that the color makes it a crowd favorite. You will surely make heads turn when you are wearing this one. I love how flowy and relaxed maxi dresses make you feel. Maxi dresses are not so tight on the waist and belly so you can move freely and worry-free. It does not constrict your movements, but lets you always look photo-ready in all angles. Best of all, you can also flaunt your toned abs and curvy figure in this look. You will be sizzling in this outfit alright. This is also perfect for pre-nuptial photo shoots as it is so dressy and the color yellow pops so easily in pictures.

3) bodycon cocktail maxi dress

 I just love the pastel color combination. You will definitely be an eye candy when you are wearing this one. It is so stylish, sexy yet sophisticated. Flaunt this look at a bar, a cocktail party, or a garden and beach wedding. Surely, all eyes will be on you. The look is effortlessly dramatic without being too revealing. Oh, you will be best dressed in this look.

4) Mesh Embroidery Party Dress

 Lace is a style that never goes out of season. You will never look underdressed or overdressed when you are wearing an embroidered lace dress. I just love its timeless elegance. It is simply a statement piece. This floral mesh embroidery tunic dress is a must-have as it is so feminine yet edgy. You will always look all dolled up in lace dresses because the see-through mesh design gives a subtle hint of sexiness without going overboard.

5) Crochet Lace Dresses with Bell Sleeves

White is always a beautiful sight. You will always be a vision in white. I love the unique style of the bell sleeves as it adds so much character and personality to the crochet lace dress. This is the perfect look for dinner dates, beach weddings, and cocktail events. The lace patterns are so intricate and sophisticated that you will be the belle of the ball in this one. I love the peek-a-boo look of this dress at all the right angles. No need to wear accessories as the dress is a powerful statement in itself. The cut of the pattern is so dramatic that surely Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada would approve of this. The devil really is in the details.

With the right choice of clothes, you can be a trendsetter. No need to be a follower when it comes to clothes as what is important is you are what you wear. You can shine brighter if you are confident in your own skin, confident in what you wear, and confident in how you look. Clothes are merely an extension of your personal taste. You are the one who gives attitude to the clothes you wear!

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