How to Choose Comfortable High Heels

Every woman’s obsession is heels

I think that every person on this planet knows that women and girls spend the most money on bags and shoes. And I am among them. So this will be my personal story, written from my experience. As for the bag, I think we make fewer mistakes and buy more rationally. As for the heels, here’s another story. We mostly rush in, make a hasty and quick decision, and then repent. Many heels are uncomfortable and it is quite impossible to wear them for a walk, for work, or anywhere, where we need to be for more than an hour. I gave away almost a lot of my heels, which were uncomfortable, and I realized that they just take up space in my closet, and I don’t wear them. Even when I put them on, my feet heal from the blisters for the next few days. Since then, I try to buy much more rationally, I go to the store several times to try the heels. And I read a lot about this topic, which affects comfort and I am collecting tips that I would now like to share with you.


Always choose footwear that has greater stability. That’s why wedges are the right choice. You lean your whole foot on the ground. Many of my friends, who do not like flat shoes, choose wedges for work, because they are comfortable enough and look nice. The right choice for spring and summer. Now they are in wonderful summer colors. Greens are an absolute trend. With these shoes, you don’t have to balance while walking, and you won’t have pain in your legs and feet like wearing stilettos.


The platforms are also comfortable. They may not seem that way, but they really are. If, for example, the height of the heel is 12 cm, and the height of the platform is 4 cm, the impression is that you are on a heel of 8 cm, which is great. You understand me, don’t you? This is great if you are not content with lower heels, but want to be high. This is a great choice for an evening out, it really looks chic and elegant, and you will certainly be able to play and be on your feet for a few hours, without subsequent pain.

Choose low heel

If you are the type of woman who can’t do without stilettos, then follow these tips. Choose a heel smaller than 8cm. I have tested this and I speak from my experience. Although I wear 12cm heels for going out, and I know that my legs look the most beautiful then, I choose these smaller ones for work and walking during the day. I know that many of us have to look elegant at work, so no other choice of shoes fits. With an 8cm heel, you won’t have leg pain, and I can wear it for 8 hours non-stop. The legs are not in an unnatural position, so they are comfortable. And they are easy to walk in. Take a look at the models below that I took as an example. They are actually me and an association for women who have to be in heels at work all day.

In addition to these gold valuable tips, I would like to share some more with you. The heel should not be flush with the heel, but should be slightly retracted. So it is more stable, and more comfortable to walk. I always recommend closed shoes. With open shoes, the foot can slide forward, and be very painful and uncomfortable. 

Another good thing is heels with belts. You can tighten as much as you need, which will keep your foot in that position and will not move. You have to be careful not to overdo the tightening, not to stop the circulation and create a problem. If you have any advice I would like you to share it with me. And lastly, always have a band-aid with you! And you can try on insoles for shoes, and choose the best one for yourself. I’ve heard a lot of recommendations, but I still haven’t tried that advice.

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