Keep Fit and Healthy Doing These Moves At Home

Considering the COVID19 pandemic, we all have been in lockdown for almost three months now. Under such circumstances, it is better to not leave home, unless it is absolutely urgent. To stay at home for such a long period of time it is tough to keep fit, especially if you have to be within the four walls day and night. Thus, you have to start practising some home exercise techniques that will help you stay fit. It is important for everyone to do it, whether you are a beginner or a senior or an athlete. In order to keep our body functioning, there are compound exercises that will work for all the major muscles within the body.

The first one you need to try is squats. Make sure you do them in the right way because a lot of people do squats in the wrong technique and end up hurting themselves. Make sure that the knees do no go over the toes. You can do 10 reps and three sets of squat and continue it for two to three times in a week.


The next one that you can try is the lunges. Make sure that the working leg is forward and the back leg is hip distance apart. Your body should be in a split stance. Keep your heel of the back leg up. For this one too, do it 10 reps and three sets for two to three times in a week.

The next one is the most common exercises of all. It is the push up. You can do it anytime you want but the best time is the morning. The best part is, this is a freestyle exercise and you can continue to do it as many possible for your body. Start with a basic plank and then keep your hands slightly wide than the shoulders and palms on the floor.

Go for the pull ups as well. It will keep your core muscles activated. It is also a very common freestyle exercise to keep your body fit and active, especially under this lockdown scenario. You can start with five reps two sets or two to three times a week and then increase slowly.

The final one is the rotation. You need to stand tall with proper alignment and then hold a medicine ball or a weight in front with the arms straight. Then rotate the ball side by side as much range of motion you can.



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