Look Great In Your Swimwear

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start considering your Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits wardrobe for the season. Of course we all have that little winter podge that annoys us when we look in the mirror.

Your best bet for swimwear shopping is now as the stocks are full and not picked over by eager beach goers.

So it’s time to buy a swimsuit like a fashion celebrity and here is how.

Get to Know Yourself

Take a look at yourself in the mirror wearing pants and a bra. You want to take a look at your outer shape, bust, waist, hips and bottom. The question to ask yourself is: Do I have curves or straight lines?

If you have a curvy figure, typically your main concern is tummy control and bust support. If you’re looking for a bikini then you want to choose a bikini bottom with a slightly higher cut leg. These bikinis also come with higher waist lines if desired with hidden or belted tummy control. As for a top, choose a banded halter or underwire bikini top for support.

If you are looking for a one piece swimsuit, you can again choose a suit with higher cut legs and hidden control panels if desired. Look for styles that have ruching over the mid-section, and molded supportive cups. Try a rounder or plunging neckline; avoid halter-necks if you are a pear shape. Square or rectangular necklines don’t suit curvy busts

Challenge areas: Full hips? Avoid detailing around the hip area. For full thighs, check where the swimsuit finishes on the leg – the eye will focus there. Look for adjustable sides on the swimsuit that will allow you to lift or lower sides for optimal placement.

For the straighter thinner body type choose a bikini bottom that is cut straight across, string bikini tops or sport bikini tops are excellent for a smaller bust.

If you are looking for a one piece swimsuit try a one-piece with detailing around the bust and hips. Or sleek one-piece suits with a central panel in a darker colour – this creates the illusion of a slimmer shape. As for the neckline try square or rectangular cuts.

Challenge areas: This body shape looks best in clean, uncluttered styles. Avoid frills and flounces and beware of high-waisted bottoms on bikinis.

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