Monday Swimwear Has The Bikinis You Need In Your Closet

Monday Swimwear Has The Bikinis You Need In Your Closet

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman’s quest for a bikini that “truly had it all” in terms of fit, style and comfort resulted in their inception of Monday Swimwear. The best friend duo says that while the brand started because of their “own selfish reasons,” it has led them to discover that many women experience the same problems when buying bathing suits. “The straps dig in or aren’t adjustable, the top doesn’t actually fit or go up to their size, or the suit looked pretty but didn’t really make them feel comfortable and confident when they wore it,” Oakley says. Oakley (28) and Brugman (27), who have more than 3 million collective followers on Instagram, put on their first Monday Swimwear runway show during this summer’s Miami Swim Week.

Monday Swimwear’s presentation at Miami Swim Week was the brand’s first runway show. How did it go?

NO: Our runway show this year was very special to Devin and me, not only because it was our first one, but because we were able to present our collection in a classic, chic and elevated way. We were also able to showcase the true essence of Monday Swimwear by casting real women with character and curves.

Tell us more about how you cast the models in your show.

NO: Devin and I have always felt passionately about representing curvy, “real” women. We wanted to make sure the message came through on the runway. We had tons of great feedback regarding this—so we think it did.

What designs did we see on the runway?

DB: Our Swim Week runway designs are a mix of our signature and summer swim collections and beachwear collection. Rather than showcasing our next collection, we worked with our stylist, Anna Vitiello, to style this timeless collection in an elegant and elevated way that we feel represents the essence of our brand.

Favorite swim fashion trends for fall?

NO: I am loving classic stripes, polka dots, all of the high-waisted and belted swim. Always happy to see designers revisit the ’90s.

Favorite swimsuit color for fall?

DB: I am loving soft rose colors and blues.

In South Florida, any weekend could call for putting on a bathing suit. What are your hacks for feeling confident?

NO: Find a suit that complements your body. Monday Swimwear literally has a suit that makes everyone feel confident and sexy, and it’s important to be able to mix and match styles and sizing so you find the perfect fit.

What makes Monday Swimwear different from other brands?

DB: Monday Swimwear stands out because we focus on simple, elegant comfort. If you feel comfortable in your suit, you will feel confident, and we really do live by the words “less is more,” so we try to pull back and refine our collection to what we know will just make our women look beautiful.

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