Resort ’18 swimwear: Romantic chic

New York designer Kristian Chase has traveled the world from an early age. As a
fashion swimwear designer, he followed in the footsteps of his mother, who has been
a part of the creative team of Conde Nast for the past two decades. He cut his teeth
in the business while working at Christian Dior, one of the world’s top fashion
houses, and his career spans more than a decade in the high-fashion and luxury-brand
industries. He has also worked with Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy. At
these firms, he learned how to navigate and understand the global market. In his
short reign as creative director at Aqua Blu, the brand has grown tremendously. The
company is known for its style, modernity and a strong sense of femininity. His
design approach to swimwear is fresh. In his swimwear collection, he maintains a
softer aesthetic. His resort ’18 swimwear pieces are crafted with a glamorous
Hollywood finish.

Tacoola swimwear, designed by Jeni Patch, provides a fusion of classic and unique
designs. The collection is sparked by fundamental cuts, shapes and vibes that stem
from the ’60s to the late ’80s. In her collection, Patch’s swim looks are also
influenced from some of today’s vintage fashion. Dreamy prints and lovable color
palettes are pulled together with each of her lines. Often, she steps away from the
standard all Lycra swimwear materials. With a loving passion for texture, she
creates timeless pieces for women while working with 100 percent cotton crochet
through to the company’s super-stretch knit yarn.

For comfort, Patch lines her swimwear pieces with the softest luxury Lycra, boning,
underwire and cups for extra support. A rare combination of elements is all wrapped
up in one, which separates Tacoola from other swimwear labels. The Tacoola label was
started in 2015 by Patch, who has a proud family history in seamstressing and
design. These swimwear pieces incorporate a wistful vintage style that’s interlaced
with an exciting contemporary spark.

Duskii, another swimwear brand, launched its innovative, high-performance activewear
for the style-conscious woman. Inspired by the sophistication of a European summer
that allows you to go from the relaxed seaside to luxury yachts and boardwalks,
Duskii offers neoprene suits and sporty separates that epitomize glamour, in and out
of the water. Each Duskii piece is crafted by using premium quality neoprene and
innovation construction techniques. For the surfer, pool lounger, swimmer, lifeguard
and diver, these looks provide a fashionable mix and match selection of separates
that promise you the ultimate Bond girl status. Enjoy the summer!

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