Shapewear Bodysuit Trend: Time Of The Hourglass Has Come

Various types of bodysuits are available, some of which are more daring than others in terms of design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a more daring look, such as a see-through mesh bodysuit or a top with a low or lace-up neckline. Your bodysuit doesn’t have to be just the fundamental base of your costume; it may also serve as the main point of your ensemble.

Hourglass bodysuits can make everybody’s shape appear better. They draw attention to the feminine contours of slimmer, boxier ladies. They quickly trim and smooth ladies with naturally bigger, curvier body shapes, regardless of their starting point. Here are some of the most fashionable hourglass bodysuits currently available:

Top 5 Hourglass Bodysuits of All Time

1 – Hourglass Secure Shapewear Bodysuit

This bodysuit is extremely elastic and features a full-coverage back with snap buttons around the crotch. It is inexpensive. However, while some individuals may find snaps less comfortable, the fact that you do not have to remove the entire thing to use the toilet is a plus for many. This bodysuit has received excellent feedback.

2 – Hourglass Secure Open Gusset Shapewear Bodysuit

One of the nicest things about this Popilush hourglass bodysuit is that it is available in every neutral color, making it a possible staple piece for your wardrobe if you like the fit. If you’re new to bodysuits, buying this best sports bra can change your whole look.

3 – Hourglass Open Gusset Shapewear Bodysuit

Customer reviews state that this hourglass bodysuit is substantial (not see-through) and keeps its form elastic and breathable. Furthermore, the combination of the long sleeves and the V-neck is a perfect choice for a sexier bodysuit that is also ideal for the colder weather months. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend going up a size.

4 – Hourglass High Back Open Gusset Shapewear Bodysuit

You’ve probably never seen a bodysuit quite like this one before. Designed in a shirt style, this bodysuit is form-fitting around the torso, enabling the billowy, puffy sleeves to stand out whether worn with jeans or a skirt.

Popilush is known for producing high-quality shapewear bodysuit. You can be certain that this bodysuit will hug and cling to the perfect places for you. We particularly like the bright hues, which provide other neutral options to branch out from the traditional black or white.

5 – Full Coverage Hourglass Secure Open Gusset Shapewear Bodysuit

Hourglass bodysuits are now in style, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon—so why not grab one in bodysuit form while you’re at it? Popilush selection is sleek and understated, yet it’s sultry and appealing. Some reviews recommend going up a size, and Popilush’s bodysuits are longer than others, which means they may be a good fit if you have a long torso like the model pictured.


Bodysuits are a fashion trend that you do not want to miss out on. They’re the lazy girl’s best friend when it comes to putting together a seamless and stylish look without ever having to put in any actual work at all. Furthermore, they enhance the appearance of your physique and help you feel like a seductive queen in your flesh. You truly have nothing to lose by trying it out. Remember that when you put on a bodysuit, the essential thing to remember is that you look great! If you keep that reality in mind, your confidence will surge, and you’ll be able to pull off any bodysuit with ease and style.

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