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Over the years, many things have changed the fashion world. We came out of a period where the ideal was to look thinner, with a defined silhouette and a perfect body. Today, we are living moments that bring out self-care and acceptance.

Trends were adapting to this new market reality. Among the props that underwent changes at that time, we can mention the bodice, the corset and the corset. Initially used under voluminous dresses to slim women’s waists, today we see updates to these accessories.

Another piece that has undergone changes are the modeling straps. Many love it and others are completely against its use. The truth is that belts have appeared more and more in productions, with the aim of adding beauty and increasing women’s self-esteem.

But after all, is it worth to buy the shaping belts from waist trainer manufacturers? To make this decision, it is important to take a few things into consideration. For example: what is needed to make a belt that fulfills its purpose and is comfortable, and how to guide the client to the correct use of the accessory. And that’s what we write about in this content. Keep reading and check it out!

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Wholesale Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band Higher Power

– Understand how the strap works

The use of modeling belts is mainly indicated in cases of surgery, as part of the post-surgical treatment. In the case of plastic surgery, in which the positioning of the skin is modified, the use of modeling belts is very beneficial and necessary. Given that it aids in healing and sustains the relocated skin.

In this case, the use of the brace should always be indicated by a doctor, who will assess what the person needs and for how long they will need to wear the accessory.

It is also very common for women to use curling irons after pregnancy. Among the benefits is the reduction of postpartum pain, the reduction of pain in the spine, helps the uterus to return to its position and influences the silhouette to become more beautiful.

The models produced for aesthetic purposes, derived from corsets, were reformulated to provide more comfort during their use. And with that, they’ve conquered many women.

When the objective is aesthetic, the modeling belts are usually used to thin the waist and disguise the culote and protruding fat, in addition to correcting the posture. But the belt is not just part of the women’s wardrobe, men can make use of belts, to correct posture and hide the fact.

– Types of shaping belts

In addition to the traditional belt model, there are several other pieces with a shaping function that can be used by women and men. For example, a growing trend in recent years is the use of pants with a shaping belt that is already built into the model.

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In addition, there are pieces such as shorts produced with modeling material. And also underwear, such as panties and underwear, which have a shaping belt. Thus, the possibility of using the parts is enormous. It is possible to evaluate the demand to understand which is the best according to the needs of your audience.

– When to use the shaping belt?

When we talk about the medical use of modeling belts, it is clear that it is necessary to follow medical guidelines regarding their use. However, when it comes to the aesthetic use of the belt, it is very important that, when marketing the product, you know how to guide the customer on its use.

The most common time to wear the brace is during special events and occasions. Celebrities, for example, often use the belt on red carpets and big events in order to make their bodies slimmer and more defined.

Another trend that has emerged in recent years is the use of the belt over clothing. However, this is not indicated, as the brace is made to be used in direct contact with the body.

If the customer wants to wear the belt over clothing, the most suitable piece is the corset belt. An accessory that comes straight from the fashion of the 80s, it imitates a belt, but has less compression, which does not pose problems for those who are using it.

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High Waist Shaper

Now that you know a little more about the use of the modeling belt and the care that is necessary, it’s time to get to know a product that is widely used in your connection.

The high-waisted shaper has strong compression, without losing comfort. After all, the purpose of the girdle is to model, not tighten the body. And a great option for wholesale shapewear is produced especially for this type of application.

It is available in different sizes in cinnamon and black. And it can be used with pants, dresses, shorts and, of course, the abdomen region will always be firm.

The choice of quality materials for making the belt is extremely important. It is necessary to deliver a product that fulfills its objective, but without causing discomfort. Therefore, pay close attention to the shaping of the strap and the trims used in the making.

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