Suits Suitable For Early Autumn

Hello loves !!! All right? I love a suit is very elegant and everyone loves overlays, right? That’s because it is possible to mix different pieces and create an original and stylish look. In summer, in addition to the dress juxtaposing the t-shirt, the jeans vests are the main overlays of the season. In autumn / winter, it gets even easier: as the weather is cool (or very cold!), We can abuse the overlaps without fear of being uncomfortable, after all, a warm piece to break the ice falls very well.

This women’s suit is very elegant, it is made of light fabric, great for autumn days and you can use a sandal for a fresh look.

In mild or even lower temperatures, coats and blazers are great allies for women. They make up a much more stylish look, and are often the main piece of the composition. It is worth marrying a basic outfit with a more elaborate overlay. And there’s more: if you enter an enclosed space and see that there is no longer a need to keep your coat, just take it off! Overlays are flexible and can be placed or removed at any time.

In addition to blazers and coats, kimonos and vests are great options to enhance the look. Do you know how to use these compositions and make the autumn / winter look super modern and elegant?

Tips on how to use overlays!

Once we started using pieces to overlap, we never left. They are complementary clothes that give an upgrade to the look and explore the originality of the composition. Want to know what the main overlaps are and learn how to create productions full of personality and comfort with them? Look at that!


Blazer Alongado De Alfaiataria Com Elastano – Verde

For the beginning of autumn it is good to use braziers and suits, more leaves and fluids, invest in fabrics more tailoring sheets that have elastane.

 The blazer is synonymous with elegance. Originally aimed at men, it was adopted by the female public in the 1920s. It combines, especially, with pants and skirt made of fine fabrics, as it is a sophisticated item.

Perfect for work environments and formal events, the blazer features different cuts and models, adapted to all tastes and styles. Despite being elegant, it can also acquire a more stripped-down style when combined with jeans and more relaxed clothes, composing a “casual chic” look. The tailoring blazer is indispensable in the closet

Despite being an originally formal and serious outfit, the suit can be much cooler than it looks! It is possible to assemble casual looks with the set, using accessories and shoes to balance sobriety. For example, sporty or cool t-shirts are good options, along with sneakers and other casual shoes. The suit is also great with girlie pieces, like cropped, lace top and low-cut blouses – they bring a very cool feminine touch to this commonly masculine look

Another option, for those who do not want all the elegance and formality of the suit, is to choose sets different from the usual black! How about a colorful suit? Both in vibrant shades like pink as in gray and blue, it looks great and more youthful. There are even printed suits, which resemble common outfits and are fun alternatives. To close, I also separated inspirations from the summer version of the suit: jacket and shorts or shorts!

Invest in linen and cotton suits that are very fluid for you to use in the fall.

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