Are you one of those mindful people who like to shop sustainably? As time goes by more and more people realize how necessary it is to shop but at the same time be conscious when it comes to environment. Therefore we decide to create this article in order to help you out to find your perfect sustainable slip dress.

Slip dresses are really popular this year and that trend does not seem to be going away. Honestly, we don’t mind because in our opinion we could not imagine a more feminine fashion item than a slip dress. It is up on you to decide which length, color and style do you like, but we think every woman should try out one. What do you say? Are you a fan of a slip dress? In case you are having second thought here are some of our favorite sustainable slip dress models:

SIIZU SILK SLIP DRESS – This is a classic black slip dress that can be worn in so many occasions, It actually can take a place as a little black dress ( ok, not little in this case considering it is not a mini dress ). We can imagine this dress to be worn for casual events, but also for formal ones. All you need to do is to play with accessories a bit.

WELL MADE CLOTHES SCOOP NECK SLIP DRESS –  Of course, sustainable fashion also has to be able for all of you plus size ladies and here is one gorgeous black slip dress made of  100 % silk satin. Our advice: if you are shopping for a slip dress than go for a silk one.

ANNA SLIP DRESS IN STRUCTURED CREAM SILK – Here is something a bit more different and if we could say a bit more girly. It is not a typical black slip dress but a creamy pink dress. It gives you a totally different variety of ways to wear it.

ANA SLIP DRESS IN BROWN CHECKS –  Here is a perfect example of how slip dress can be worn in autumn – paired with leather jacket. Isn’t there a more beautiful contrast?

IMMACULATE VEGAN SLIP DRESS – Here is one more slip dress which is simple perfect for autumn. Just look at this gorgeous olive green dress.

How did you like our choice? Feel free to leave us your comment.

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