Tips for How to Upgrade Your Beauty Instantly

Beauty comes from within. But if you do not preserve what you have on the exterior, then beauty can fade too. Just like your health, taking care of your beauty is a full-time job. You need to be attentive, careful and extremely sensitive towards your skin’s needs. There are instances when you want to go to attend a sudden party or have a presentation the next day. In that case, you want a beauty upgrade instantly. This is possible and here’s what you can do.

Orange Pack

The next time you eat some oranges, do not throw away the peel. Dry them and make a powder out of it. To your existing face pack, add a teaspoon of this powder and spread it evenly over your face. Vitamin – C in Oranges will give an instant glow to your skin. You can do this hour before your occasion or the previous night.


Rosehip oil

Rosehip essential oil has several beauty benefits. It can help fight the bacteria on the skin and gives an instant glow. It also moisturizes the skin and makes it look better. You can add a drop of this to your face serum or night cream for instant beautification.


Tame your Frizz

Most of the women suffer from the problem of messy hair. You don’t want to wake up with a nest on your head. To prevent this, wash your hair the previous night and semi-dry it. Don’t use heat though. Then tie it up into a bun and secure it. You can plait it if you want some curls and sleep. You’ll find your hair to be much better the next morning.


Code Red

No matter what your skin complexion is and the occasion you are attending, Red will stand out and make you look better. It has that perfect aura to it. Red will make you look confident, special and extremely beautiful.


Shape the eyebrows

Eyebrows decide how your face looks and that’s what most of us don’t grasp. When you shape and fill them properly, they add a new character to your face.

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