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Different people can have different body shapes some may have a triangular body shape while others may have an oval or a broad or maybe a column body shape as shown in the above picture. It becomes very important to know your body shape to determine the best outfit that suits your body. Any outfit whether it is a plain shirt or a three-piece suit that looks very good in all the banners and images may not look equally suit you. How you can determine that by determining your body shape. Also, we all should know how important it is for a dress to fit your body. Any outfit having an extra size or a smaller size doesn’t look good, however, well-fitted clothes always enhance your style. Just as the way that all may not have the same body shape so are not all clothes designed to fit you in the same way.

So today we are here with an amazing guide that will not just help you in determining your body shape but will also help you to choose the right fashion for you that will not just make you look good but will also make you feel good.  Almost all men fall among the body types that we will be discussing below. So all you gotta do is to read them out, find the best for you and walk out with confidence and style.

Triangular Body Shape

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Triangular body shapes are very common among men. Most men are found to have a broader waist and hips in comparison to the top part of their bodies. Sometimes these changes gradually occur when the person gets older. As a result of this, the person gains a triangular body shape with its base around the waist and the tip of the triangle towards the upper part of the body.

Some of the best recommendations for a person with a triangular body shape can be to wear blazers that have checks along with a well-fitted waistcoat. Solid trousers go best with this combination. You can also choose to wear clothes that have a mix of various prints as this will create a type of illusion and will divert the focus away from the broader waists.

You can also choose to wear clothes that have patterns and designs across the chest and shoulder parts as it will make the upper part of your body look a bit wider.

Inverted Triangular Body Shape

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A person having an inverted triangle body shape has an inverted triangular body type with an area around the shoulders forming the base of the triangle and the tip pointing toward the belly button. The shoulders and chest are well developed and broader as compared to the area around their waist. Such persons are highly recommended to wear slim-fit shirts as it will help them show off their incredible bodies. You can wear slim polo cotton shirts and regular v -neck t-shirts. However you should avoid wearing plunging t-shirts.

Rectangular Body Shape

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Most people with rectangular body structures are found to have a tall and thin frame and have a similar width around the shoulders and around their waist. This gives their body a rectangular shape.

Such people are recommended to layer their outfits. A check shirt worn above a plain white t-shirt comes up as an ideal choice for them. They can also wear clothes that have horizontal stripes which may create an illusion by increasing the width of their body frame slightly. Besides all these one can wear printed clothes and clothes that have detail as this too increases the width of your slim body structure.

Oval Body Shape

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Oval-shaped body shapes are found among the bigger guys. And a common dream for all those oval-body-shaped men is to have clothes that make them look slim and could somehow hide their fat bodies.

For such people, if they want to go with a shirt, they must go for a well-fitted shirt as it plays a very important role in avoiding bulk. People with an oval-shaped bodies are recommended to find themselves a good tailor as not every time they can find clothes of their desired sizes.

Persons with a broad body should always go for shirts and t-shirts having a  wider collar, especially for those whose face and neck are broad.  Besides these, they can go for dark-colored and maybe slightly tapered jackets and use them in addition to almost all of their outfits. While they choose to wear formal for any occasion a necktie becomes a must for them. Ties play a very important role and are one of the best ways to hide their bulging stomach and give them a comparatively slimmer and decent formal look.

After reading this guide it must have becomes very easy for you to determine your body shape and following all the recommended clothes and dressing styles you can find the best outfit that suits your body shape and will surely give you your desired look.

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