5 Best Hats for Summer 2022

Hats are so adorable & stylish to wear. This is where fashion meets function. A hat is such an effortless yet stylish way to make your look stand out from the crowd. It can serve as a fashion statement, UV-Ray sun protection, a form of cultural expression, or simply an accessory to combat your bad hair days. Yes, wearing a hat is so convenient to make sure that our hair stays in place at the windiest time, that we can smile and look toward the camera at the sunniest time of the day, and that we can prevent our face from having freckles and unwanted sunspots or simply an added accessory to ‘oomph’ up our fashion statement. No matter what season or reason, we can slay any look as long as we have our trendy hats on. We can choose from a wide array of hat selections from the chicest one with a distinctly big bow or a colorful floral piece to the most classic and basic wide-brimmed hat that can provide us the right amount of shade we need to beat the heat this summer.

Having the perfect accessories this summer can help us enjoy our vacation more. Let’s not forget to pack our summer vacation bag with our sunblock, sunnies, and a wide-brim hat. It’s too hot right now and the UV rays of the sun will damage our skin and cause skin pigmentation if we don’t shield ourselves properly. There’s a hat for every occasion or for every outdoor activity. We just have to choose one that fits our personality so we can flaunt it with style and confidence. While we do our Wet ‘n Wild activities or just sunbathe by the beach, we are just as much exposing ourselves to the harmful rays of the sun which can cause premature aging.

Being under the sun for so long can wreak havoc on our skin. But having that dose of the sunshine vitamin is still important for us to glow because the sunshine can boost our mood and create happy endorphins. So we just have to be creative enough as to how to take care of our beauty, brain & body inside & out. So to avoid premature aging as we sunbathe, I recommend to you (5) best hats for summer 2022:

1) Verabella Sun Hats for Women

Don’t you just love this cute sun hat with a ribbon as the main accent?! It just reminds me of the Classic Betty Boop look or a fashionable Barbie doll relaxing by the beach! So chic and effortlessly gorgeous! I just love how this hat is so lightweight and foldable that I can simply bring it everywhere. The heat doesn’t get deformed so I always look fabulous whenever I wear this hat. The color is so classic & elegant that it can fit all ages. This sun hat will surely be a great add-on to your wet ‘n wild look. Put on your perfect sunnies and you’ll be a jaw-dropper alright. Save your face from getting sunburned by wearing this AHHH-mazing hat.


2) Sloggers PPL4405NV Women’s Braided Sun Hat

If you are the cowboy type, then surely this braided hat is your best bet. This hat will make sure that your face is covered from all angles. Don’t worry, your hat won’t be blown away as this has a wind lanyard so it’s wind & sunproof alright. I just love this wide-brim hat as it has the right texture and the perfect shape for maximum sun protection. The color can match your bikini or your jeans while you pose by the beach or the park. This look is simply a classic where young and old would appreciate a wide brimmed sun hat for ultimate protection from the harmful rays of the sun.


3) OZ SMART Reversible Sun Hat for Women

For those fashionistas & stylists out there, this bucket had would be a must! As this is a reversible sun hat, you can easily flaunt two looks by just bringing one hat. Cool, right? I just love how my look instantly transforms just by changing my hat depending on my mood. This bucket hat is easily packable when no longer needed.


4) Women Straw Sun Visor Hat Wide Brim

If you are very particular with your hair, then this sun visor hat will be your weapon of choice to beat the summer heat. This will prevent messy hair whenever you wear it and take it off. You can wear your ponytails or buns with this visor. This hat gives you a cooler, lighter, and airy feeling as the open-top allows air to pass by making you feel less hot or less sweaty. The large brim hat covers my face; thereby protecting me from getting sun spots and freckles!


5) Incredible Wide Brim Sun Hats for Women | Floppy Straw Hat with Heart-Shaped Glasses

If you want an outfit stand-out, wear matching sunnies with your straw hat. Surely, you’ll be sizzling hot alright. Who wouldn’t love a yellow get-up? Now, you will look awesome in photos without worrying if you can look straight at the camera without having your eyes squinting from opening due to the sun.


We must make sure that we have maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Wearing a hat can prevent our skin from premature aging and sunspots that we can’t reverse or repair. Let’s not forget to wear our sunblock too so we don’t have to worry about staying long while we enjoy our outdoor activities under the sun.

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