These Bikinis Are a Must for Summer

If there’s someone in the world that doesn’t enjoy going to the beach or at least the pool, they might have some kind of problem. Of course, there are people that love winter way more than summer, but I’m sure everyone enjoys a day at the beach or the pool on a hot day, right?

Wearing a bikini might create some insecurities in some women, and those might choose to wear one-pieces. But the ones that are fine wearing them, do it to show off their curves. But did you know that bikinis (more known as two-piece bathing suits) were worn by women as early as the 30s? But it actually dates back to 1946, when Louis Réard, a French engineer, introduced what we now know as the modern bikini. This was due to material rationing after the war.

With time, the bikini gradually got more acceptance in western society. It probably has become one, if not the most popular type of beachwear for women around the world. It doesn’t portray the power of fashion but actually the power of women. Why? Because of the women’s emancipation and the power, we have gained in society.

Must have bikinis

There are so many types of bikinis… and nowadays, the usual bikinis have started getting different twists. If there’s a brand that offers all these kinds of bikinis and also is size-inclusive, it is Aerie.

And by size-inclusive we don’t mind they offer plus size bikinis that are different than the ones girls that use normal sizes get, but all of their bikinis and one-pieces too can be worn by all types of bodies. And this is definitively a huge plus that a brand can give to its customers.

Here are some of our favorite Aerie bikinis that we consider a must for summer. This is not only based on the actual trends but on the types of bikinis women have been wearing for so long around the world.

The ruffle Ruffle Longline Triangle Bikini is Real Good, which means it is made with 80% recycled nylon, and of course, it is better for the world! You can choose in-between different types of bottoms to match it.

Another one is the Longline Triangle Bikini Top. This is another lovely piece that is what the brand calls Real Good. This means it is made from 80% recycled nylon, saving leftover fiber scraps & turning them into new suits.

And when we mentioned that some of the pieces in the list are trendier, then the following ones, are definitively in this category.

We now have the Cut Out Halter Bandeau Bikini Top. Another piece made thinking of the planet, meaning it is another Real Good bikini, made with 80% recycled nylon.

And last but not least, we have the Crossover Keyhole Halter Bikini Top. Once again, another Real Good piece, made thinking of the planet and with 80% recycled nylon.

I believe that these bikinis are definitively a must for this summer, not only because they are trendy but also because they can be worn by everyone and you can also mix and match the tops and bottoms if necessary.

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