5 It Bags That Celebrities Can’t Stop Carrying This Summer 2023

Summer is in full swing, and the fashion industry is filled with exciting new looks. Trending this year, the ideal embodiment of summer sophistication is ‘It Bags.’ Through luxury and status, these pieces of timeless art express exceptional taste. Celebrities have heavily asserted this statement piece throughout recent months, further contributing to its hub in the global fashion world. Therefore, here today in this blog, we will dissect 5 of the most enticing It Bags enchanting the noteworthy faces this summer. Amongst the distinctive designs and imaginative pieces – these handbags certainly have lived up to the anticipation of their followers. Examining these It Bags radiates glamour, elegance, and complexity, all making for an exciting and fresh outlook on styling.

#1: Angelina Jolie’s Monogrammed Celine Tote

7 It Bags That Celebrities Cant Stop Carrying This Summer

Angelina Jolie has repeatedly proven herself as a style icon of the modern era; her latest look is no exception. She was recently spotted wearing an attractive horizontal Cabas tote from fashion house Celine, printed in the Triomphe style. The starlet completed her classic daywear ensemble with a camel suit and framed it with her beloved bag for a special night out. With its sharp lines and angled handles, this monogrammed tote is the perfect complement to any summer wardrobe. Organizing a beach day or prepping your favorite outfit for a starlit night ahead? The Celine tote is all the assurance you need to stand out from the crowd.

#2: Hailey Bieber’s Woven Bottega Veneta Bag

7 It Bags That Celebrities Cant Stop Carrying This Summer

The trend of woven bags has made a daring return! And Hailey Bieber was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Her bag of choice is Bottega Veneta’s Jodie shoulder bag, decorating it with a stylish ensemble. Even more impressive is the fact that this stunning piece of art combines both luxury and practicality with its intricate woven leather panels. It easily adds a little something extra to every outfit, as if it was meant to be there all along. Whether it’s a simple white tee for a classic chic look or some cargo or denim cut-offs for a relaxed getaway, it never disappoints. Steal the look with one swift yet poignant addition—invest in yourself, and go ahead and add that extra oomph to your look!

#3: Katie Holmes’s Monogrammed A.P.C. Tote

7 It Bags That Celebrities Cant Stop Carrying This Summer

Katie Holmes is the embodiment of the modern ‘it’ bag. She’s been seen carrying A.P.C.’s Poppy shopper tote on multiple occasions — always taking a different approach to styling. While Infinity is cool with her off-duty looks – think athleisure and trainers – the shoulder straps on the bag turn up a gear, allowing you to transition into more sophisticated styles when needed. Whichever way you decide to wear the Poppy Shopper – be it with a summer dress or a denim pinafore – rest assured you’ll make a fashion statement worth noting. This must-have bag is iconic sophisticated, stylish, and effortlessly put together. Take a glance into Holmes’ wardrobe, and you’ll surely appear on-trend.

#4: Jennifer Lopez’s Classic Hermès Birkin Bag

7 It Bags That Celebrities Cant Stop Carrying This Summer

When it comes to making a statement on the red carpet, Jennifer Lopez has it nailed. Her classic Hermès Birkin bag is an unmistakable luxury signature that ensures everyone turns their heads to admire her look. She smartly puts her fashion foot forward by opting for vibrant tones such as bright blues and wherever-she-goes hot pinks. Leather panels, expert craftsmanship, and dazzling gold hardware up the luxury factor before you can say ‘showstopper.’ Whether you’re the belle of the ball or looking to make a grand entrance (or exit!), the Hermès Birkin is definitely worth the investment. Not only will heads turn in admiration, but you’ll also be remembered for your fashion finesse.

#5: Jennifer Lawrence’s Stealthy the Row Crossbody

7 It Bags That Celebrities Cant Stop Carrying This Summer

Jennifer Lawrence, like so many A-lister celebrities, never fails to put her personal fashion stamp on the world. Her tailored trousers and statement coats easily seal her look as red carpet-ready. Lately, she has been spotted injecting new life into evening outfits with The Row’s sleek black leather crossbody bag. With gold hardware and an adjustable strap, this accessory is ideal for experimenting with modern street styles and classic ones. This bag is an essential accessory for any wardrobe and is sure to make any outfit graduate with flying colors.

We hope you’ve taken some fashion notes from these A-list celebs and picked up their style tricks. Whether you opt for that luxury subtlety, structured attention to detail, or a modern street edge, these It Bags 2023 are surefire picks to turn heads wherever you go!

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