8 Celebs Posing on Cars In Bikinis – Emily Ratajkowski, Bethenny Frankel, & More

It’s time to cue Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,” and rock out. For those too young to know, the video for that hair metal band’s song saw Tawny Kitaen, 56, pose, dance and fling herself around the hoods of a two Jaguar XJs while dressed in white. Betthenny Frankel, 47, of The Real Housewives of New York, was wearing less than Tawny when she uploaded a shot of her posing on the hood of a cherry-red Ford. “Sweet ride,” she captioned the July 21 picture of her in a tropical green bikini, looking as if she was Ms. July in a pinup calendar.

With the way Emily Ratajkowski, 27, rocks a bikini, she could fill a whole calendar with shots of her in some skimpy swimwear. In addition to flaunting her flawless body, she also likes posing next to some fast cars. While showing off her brand new swimwear line, Emily (and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard) lounged against a stunning convertible. She probably sold a lot of bikinis – and probably gave the lagging automotive industry a bump in sales, too.

The best way to catch a sexy star in a bikini around a lot of horsepower? Car wash! From Eliza Dushku to Jessica Simpson, some of the hottest celebrities have donned a bikini, got wet and soapy before scrubbing down some dirty, dirty automobiles.

What is it about a car that makes it so attractive (and even more so when there’s a woman in a bikini on top of it?) “When you look at cars,” photographer Steven Edson told CNN in 2016, “functionality has to merge with an aesthetic. … There’s a beautiful integration of form and design and functionality. … The flow of metal and light and how it bends around a vehicle are really astonishingly beautiful.” Well, the natural look of these women are astonishingly beautiful as well, especially when they’re clad in such revealing swimsuits. Hot!

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