9 Accessorizing with Scarves and Hats for Autumn Fashion

After this autumn will come to welcome. Cold clothes are already in the wardrobe. But wearing clothes and shoes alone is not enough. Your head and neck are not covered completely. Therefore, you need additional accessories to maintain warmth in your head and neck. You need a scarf and hat. The scarf will protect your neck from the cold. And a hat will protect your head from the cold. So what kind of hat or scarf is suitable for autumn?

A. Scarf

A scarf is certainly not a strange accessory, especially for those of you who like fashion. We will often see many people using this scarf in the coming autumn season. Surely there are some of you who make scarves your favorite item that you must have. And you will wear it again.

A scarf is a fashion item that you often see around someone’s neck. Can also be on the head. The scarf is used as a neck warmer when the weather is cold. Most scarf sizes are smaller. When spread out it has the same length and width, usually measuring at least 30 square centimeters.

As the world of fashion advances, scarves are made in various shapes, even triangles. The sizes are also more diverse. This gives you many choices.

Scarves are mostly used as neck coverings, although they are also used as headwear such as bandanas, turbans, and headscarves. So, the question of where and what to use the scarf for, of course, depends on how you create it.

1. Knitted Scarf

Of course, scarves made from knitted materials are easier to get anywhere. You have to pay attention to how to wash and clean it after the holiday is over, which is usually stated on the knitted scarf label. Match the color of the scarf with the clothes you will wear. For those with dark skin, choose a scarf in a lighter color. Basically, you can choose the color of the scarf depending on the season, style, weather, and event.

2. Velvet Scarf

The velvet material which is capable of giving its own warmth can also conjure up the appearance of your outfit to be more luxurious and classy. You can also use plain velvet scarf hues such as jewel tones for evening activities.

3. Faux Fur Scarf

A faux fur scarf is very suitable to be worn with your favorite casual outfit even with a formal style. Choose a type of faux fur that is relatively soft so that when worn and in contact with your skin, you will feel comfortable and warm. There’s no mistake that this scarf is a must-have item that you must have and take with you on vacation in the fall.

B. Hats

A hat is an accessory that is usually used as a head covering. Maybe you have one type of hat that you usually use to protect your head.

Winter hats witness significant changes in autumn. Winter hats witness significant changes in autumn. Without a doubt, hats like the beanie and wool felt are gaining traction across all genders, and many consider them a staple for a fall wardrobe.

1. Beanie Hat

The beanie hat collection can be said to be the type of hat that is most often chosen to accompany cold weather. Apart from being practical, the soft knit material is ready to provide maximum comfort and warmth to the head. Beanies are a unisex favorite. They are hats with a comfortable fit that keeps the wearer warm through extreme weather conditions.

2. Pom Pom Hat

Then you can try using a pom pom hat. This hat, which has almost the same style as a beanie hat, also has knitted material which is known to be soft, comfortable, and can help keep you warm. For the mix and match, you can try combining it with various casual-style outfit collections.

3. Trapper Hat

This hat, which was only worn by soldiers, has a unique design. Even though it has a unique design, this hat is also known to provide warmth because it has fur details and thick material. This hat, which was previously only worn by soldiers, has a unique design. Even though it has a unique design, this hat is also known to provide warmth because it has fur details and thick material. For a mix and match of edgy to casual styles, the trapper hat collection could be the perfect choice.

4. Beret Hat

The beret hat was worn as a European military uniform in the 19th century. This hat is shaped like it bulges out, folds back in the middle, and has no brim. The beret hat can be worn in the middle or on the side if you want a Western style. Apart from being able to help ward off cold weather, beret hats also never fail to give a stylish impression to the wearer. This on-trend hat is perfect for matching preppy chic with feminine styles.

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