Boot Style Recommendations For Welcoming Fall 2023

Autumn and winter styles like boots are always a fashion inspiration that is always interesting to follow. Apart from functioning as leg protectors in cold weather, boots also have various variations that can complement the look of a fall or winter outfit. Even if you live in a tropical area, boots can be the easiest style choice to apply.

Boots with a variety of models and colors are certainly very interesting to have. Not only are there various models, but boots are also made of various materials. Such as genuine leather synthetic, and suede. The materials of these boots have different characteristics.

For those of you who are looking for recommendations for boots for your autumn wardrobe. I will give you some models for reference

Low-Cut Ankle Boots

These model boots are designed with high shoes up to the ankle only. Because the model only reaches the ankles, these shoes will be very easy to clean and won’t make your feet hot. This boot model is simple and comes with rights. And these boots are perfect when combined with all types of clothing.

Flat Ankle Boots

Flat ankle boots generally have a sole 1-2 cm high. These shoes will be very comfortable for you to use because they don’t have heels. So it’s perfect for you to take a walk out of the house without feeling tired. These shoes are suitable for you to come to the office or just casual events.

Over The Knee Boots

Unlike the Over The Knee Boots, these boots are designed to be long to the knee. These boots are suitable for those of you who are tall and thin. Conversely, those of you who are small in stature will look tall when wearing these boots. You can use these boots to accentuate the tiered shape of your feet. These boots are perfect for pairing with skirts or shorts for a stylish look.

Kitten Heel Ankle Boots

As the name implies, the kitten is a type of cat that is still small and tiny. Likewise, kitten heels have tiny and unique things. Kitten heels are boots with low heels that have a maximum height of 5 cm. Low heels make your feet will not get tired quickly. These boots are perfect for attending formal events. Combined with the blazer you have is a great idea.

Block Heel Ankle Boots 

Do you want to wear boots that have rights but don’t want your feet to hurt? Do you find it difficult to maintain balance when wearing pointy heels? Block Heel Ankle Boots are the solution. This model of boots has a block-like and wide right shape. So this type of boots is very comfortable to use. These boots are perfect for going to the office and attending official events. Apart from that, you can use these boots to hang out with friends and combine them with casual clothes.

Wedge Ankle Boots

Wedge boots are designed with heels that follow the shape of the shoe and blend into the entire sole. These shoes have flat heels from the front to the back. So that these shoes remain stable and comfortable for you to use without worrying about falling. These boots are perfect for hanging out with your friends, even if it’s just walking to a cafe, these boots are perfect.

Chunky Ankle Boots

If you really like to look eccentric, these model boots are perfect for you. Chunky ankle boots have heels as high as 17 cm which are large and wide. This boots model is the right choice for thematic events such as fashion, models, and others. You will have a confident and bold impression when wearing boots like this. These shoes are very suitable for you to go to concerts or photoshoots.

Zip-Up Ankle Boots

This model of boots has a zipper on the side or on the back. This model of boots is very easy to wear because it is applied using a zipper. So when you are in a hurry, take these boots because they are anti-complicated. Even though these boots are simple, they are perfect for going to the office and pairing them with your blazer or shirt.

Combat boots

As the name implies, Combat Boots are usually used for military needs such as soldiers, security guards, security, and shooters. This type of shoe has a shape that is higher than the ankle. However, there are also those that are not too tall, about 8 to 10 cm from the ankle. These boots have strong and high seams. Although often used for security guards, these boots are very developed in the fashion world. These boots will give a masculine impression, especially for those of you who like to look tomboyish. You can match it with skinny jeans or a leather jacket.

Sock Boots

Apart from practical zip-up boots, this boot model is the right choice. These shoes can wrap your feet like a sock. Made of flexible knit fabric, but still makes you look fashionable. Sock boots are perfect for pairing with skinny pants or mini skirts to emphasize the shape of your legs.

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