A guide to swimwear buying – with no changing room meltdowns

It’s that time of year again when hot-dogs-or-legs and idyllic sunrise photos are all you’ll

see on your newsfeed.

Whether you’re going to Cancun or Skegness this year, you’ll probably buy a swimsuit at some
point and it can be a stressful experience.
It’s easy to become caught up in what your body ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ look like, and end up
leaving the changing room in a heap wondering where you went wrong.

But we’re here to say it shouldn’t be this way. There’s so much on the high street right now,
and all you need is some confidence and few tips and tricks to get the right cossie for you.

First thing’s first, you wear whatever you want. Nobody shape is off limits for a bikini, and
equally, if you feel more comfortable in a one-piece then go ahead.

Also, remember that sizes vary so wildly between shops and even different materials. If you’re
having to go a few sizes up that means absolutely nothing. Just focus on getting the fit right
regardless of the number on the tag.

The high street is full of options regardless of your body loves and hang-ups.
If you don’t like your tummy? Control swimwear has come on in leaps and bounds and can give
you a smoother silhouette if that’s what you’re after.

Don’t like your thighs? Try swim dresses, which are available everywhere from ASOS to Tesco.
Need some bust support? Bravissimo and Boux Avenue have great ranges for DD and upwards, and
will even measure you beforehand so it’ll fit perfectly.

Before you go on your holidays, you’ll probably be exfoliating, getting your hair just right,
and focusing on all the little details.

So, if you’re really nervous about bikini shopping, make yourself look as flawless as you will
when you’re vacationing. That means no hungover bed-head trips to Topshop where you’ll only
make yourself miserable.

Another piece of advice is to avoid buying online. Unless the model is your doppelganger, it’s
hard to picture yourself in it. If you really have to, think about ordering a few, and send
back your least favourites. Just remember to keep the hygiene strip intact.

Personally, a high leg and low back make me feel like Baywatch even if I look more Crimewatch.
It’s all about what works for you, and whether that’s a kaftan or a thong – it’s nobody’s
business but yours.

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