Babies Swimwear: What You Should Know

Babies have extremely sensitive skin and need special efforts to protect them from the sun’s harmful radiation. The reason babies are so much more susceptible to sun damage is because their skin is still very thin. Babies born today have a 1 in 7 chance of developing skin cancer, and some studies have shown that if a child experiences a single severe sunburn, it can double the risk of developing skin cancer later on. As skin cancer is a preventable disease, it is important to protect your babies’ delicate skin through sun protective clothing and using sunblock lotions, creams or sprays.

Sun protective clothing does include the use of hats with protective brims, but it can also refer to specialized clothing formulated to keep out as much ultraviolet (UV) radiation as possible. They use a special hybrid fabric that, in swimwear, blocks 98-99% of the sun’s radiation from hitting the skin. These baby swimwear designs are made specifically with the needs of a baby in mind. They are two piece designs, for easy diaper changes, that cover as much skin as possible. The fabric is a tighter weave for protection, but it is made to be breathable and comfortable to wear. Because less skin is exposed, you will have to apply fewer chemicals in the form of synthetic sunblock on your baby. There are a wide variety of styles and prints to choose from, with coordinating accessories like sun hats and booties, and they carry the guarantee and peace of mind that your baby is protected while in the sun.

Even in sun protective Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits, some of your baby’s skin will still be exposed to the sun. This is where some application of sunblock will be necessary, such as the face, ears, hands, and feet. It is best to pick one that is chemical-free and made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This is because the zinc or titanium forms a superficial layer on the skin instead of being absorbed into the skin. They will prevent possible allergic reactions or skin irritations, and your baby will not absorb harmful chemicals through their skin. The combination of physical sunblock and sun protection swimwear (including a sun hat) will ensure that your baby has the highest level of sun protection.

Keeping your little one safe from the sun is one of the greatest gifts you can give, and it should be a natural part of your overall protection plan for your baby.

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