Swimwear Comes in More Colours Than Black

I am so over ladies coming into our store and requesting a plain black cozzie. Please think about what you are doing. Don’t just mindlessly believe what the so called experts tell you. And definitely don’t listen to all the blurb on the evening shows. There are a lot of basics rules for the right cozzie for your body shape. Mostly you need to try on to get the right look for you. Believe me most ladies look better in a variety of cozzies in patterns or bright colours than they do in Black.

The truth is if you are a svelte size 10 you will look fabulous in a plain Black cozzie. You will also look fabulous in most cozzies you try on. If you are like most of us with a few more kilo’s than you would ideally like, you are most likely going to look like a blob in a plain Black cozzie. That plain Black cozzie hides nothing. You become one area of Black with nothing to break up the area or distract the eye.

If your tummy is large wear a cozzie with a feature at the top. Beads, pearls, diamontes all take away from the tummy you don’t like. Try a pattern on the bust area only or even of draping over the bust. All these things take the eye away from the area you are not happy with.

Conversely if your bust is large reverse the distraction. Draping over the tummy, pattern on the body of the cozzie combined with a plain top.

Patterns of all kinds will help break up the area, thus blending some of the lumps and bumps.

Take an objective look in the mirror, that plain Black cozzie shows everything. No hiding any of the lumps and bumps on your body.

Go to Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits store and try on some patterns and different styles, look honestly at how you look. If you still can’t cope with a pattern try some colours. It’s summer, bright and sunny. If you still want a plain cozzie bright colours could be right for you. Use all the things you know about what you wear in clothing. When you buy a dress you have an idea of what is going to work. Do V-necks suit you or are you better in a square neck line. These same styles will suit you in swimwear. You will look much better in the right style and will be more comfortable if you are wearing styles that suit you.

The one thing I am sure of is that putting on a Black cozzie and trying to hide on the beach is not going to be the best way to enjoy the summer. Getting the right cozzie is the best way to enjoy the beach, go to a specialist swimwear store and get some advice on what to wear.

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