Best Fantasy Halloween Costumes to Try in 2019

Halloween is knocking at the door, digging some incredible costume ideas is imperative. You can easily ditch the age-old Halloween pumpkin cliché and find the best fantasy halloween costumes 2019 costumes that suit the trend for the year the best.

Sexy Handmaid’s Tale Costume

If you are an avid binger of the popular fantasy series, you cannot afford to miss the look. Spruce up the heat in a sexy handmaid’s costume w=970&h=546&fit=crop&crop=faces&auto=format&q=70 that will have people staring in awe.

You need to buy a tight little red dress and top it with the classic red cape. Put on a pair of fishnet stockings to make something saucy out of the look. Lastly, tie your hair up in a bun before putting on the white head-piece.

The Uma Thurman

Bring back the 90’s in the Uma Thurman costume. This  is a pretty laid-back look, but is popular enough for onlookers to identify. If you are not reaching for an over-the-top costume this Halloween, this is just the one you need to ace. All you need is a pair of white trousers, and an over-sized white shirt and a short hair wig. The Thurman look is sure to win hearts everywhere you go this Halloween.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Before we begin, let’s all admit that there is no sexier villain in the Harry Potter series than Bellatrix. You can have this look with sexy, full-sleeve black attire. You can get similar costumes in various online platforms at cheap rate. Fasten it together with a stylish leather belt.

Curl up your hair to wear it like the super-villain does. You can slip on a pair of black stilettos to complete the look. And most importantly, carry the wand around with you. The look is obviously incomplete without the prop.

Annie Hall

Annie hall is definitely the best creation this Halloween. Dress like Annie Hallin a pair of super wide khakis, a white full-sleeve shirt, a blue dotted tie and a black vest on top of it. Accessorize with a wide brim hat and a jute shoulder-bag. It is not only one of the best ideas in halloween costumes 2019, but just another smart and thoughtful idea for resurrecting the 70’s style.

Sexy Victoria Steampunk Lady

Wear the sexy Victorian Steampunk Corset and Skirt Set with exquisite make-up, and high heels, you will neil the look in the Halloween party.  Enjoy dressing up for yourself and own the different outfit. The Halloween costume will be a perfect combination of creative vintage waist trainer corset and modern lace off-shoulder design 2019. You will be the best dressed for the night.

Poison Ivy

It is one of the best Halloween costumes 2019. Nothing is sexier than dressing up in this  DC super-villain costume. Look for Poison Ivy costumes online. You will find a plenty of options. Choose the one you like and pair it up with green thigh high boots. Complete your look with a red wig and carry around some artificial poison ivy leaves to make look gorgeous.

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