Best Ideas to Make You Look Slimmer in Summer

The summers are here and your summer body is not yet ready. Yes, you have been doing all the needed exercise and your diet is full of nutritious food too! But all good things take time. If you want to look a tiny bit slimmer than you are now, the best option is to choose your clothing wisely. Most of us aren’t aware of the miraculous transformation that clothes can bring in. Here are some outfit tips you must follow for a slimmer appearance this summer.


Choose the right stripes

Clothing with horizontal stripes is going to make you look wider than you are. This is a simple eye illusion trick that the vertical stripes will make a person look thinner while the horizontal ones will do the opposite. So, get your dresses accordingly.


NO Skin tight jeans

Skintight jeans are going to hug your body in the right places but they do not make you look slimmer. They just show you the way you are. Instead, replace them with your torn jeans. These have a good effect on your overall body appearance and pairing them with the right top can make you look thin.


Crop tops

Baggy crop tops will make anyone look fat and chubby. If you get the right-sized ones that fit you perfectly and reach up to your waist, you will look slimmer and trendier this summer. Go for the crop tops that have thinner fabric and less extravagant designs. This will make your waist look thinner and your bust more prominent.



When you wear jackets over your normal summer dress, it makes you look thinner and even more fashionable. Your flabby arms will be automatically concealed and you won’t be conscious about your exposed skin either. The overall outfit will be a good fit for any body type.


Off-shoulder tops and skirts

Be it a normal knee-length skirt or the ones that extend beyond the knee, a skirt and an off-shoulder top will make you look thinner. You have to choose the right colors though and you will be good to go!


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