Chlorine Resistant Swimwear – An Entirely Different Fibre

I am always amazed that most people do not understand chlorine resistant Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits. It is not a treatment of the fabric; it is an entirely different fibre. Most fashion swimwear is Nylon Lycra which is a very soft and pliant fibre. It shapes and dyes easily and is therefore perfect for fashion designs. Chlorine resistant swimwear is 100% Polyester; it is a very firm and strong fibre that does not hold bright coloured dyes as easily as Lycra. But it is resistant to the effects of chlorine in pool water. Chlorine and the other chemicals in pools and spas will eventually affect the Polyester fibre; but it will take a lot longer than Nylon Lycra. Polyester swimwear in a chemically treated pool will last between 15 to 20 times longer than Nylon Lycra. Buying Nylon Lycra for pool work is not recommended. Depending on the pool, Hydro Therapy pools and Spa’s have the highest chemical levels, not only chlorine, also Bromine and possibly other strong chemicals, your swimsuit will not last very long at all.

In the past chlorine resistant swimwear has been made in sporting styles and aimed at the younger market. As the manufacturers learn more about Polyester they are able to make more fashion styles that are Chlorine Resistant. There is a great range of colours coming through in Chlorine Resistant styles from companies like Way Funky. These are still mostly aimed at the younger market. Ada and other companies are making 100% polyester swimwear in fashion styles. These companies are making for the more mature lady and are great for water aerobics and hydro-therapy.The other very important use of chlorine resistant swimwear is for children’s swimwear. Kids are in pools for school swimming and also for private swimming lessons. Lycra swimwear can be quite cheap to buy, but if it is used in a pool regularly could last a matter of weeks. This cheap swimwear can end up being very expensive. 100% polyester swimwear will last 15-20 times longer than Lycra. So your slightly more expensive chlorine resistant swimsuit could end up being a very inexpensive buy.

Whether you are a young Mum with children at school or a mid life lady looking after your fitness and joints by doing Aqua Aerobics or an older lady at Hydro-Therapy, chlorine resistant swimwear is the way to go. Remember the life expectancy of polyester is 15-20 times longer than Nylon Lycra is chlorine pools. Also remember that salt water pools still contain chlorine. The salt goes through a chlorinator converting it to chlorine long enough to kill the germs in the water.

If you must use your Lycra swimwear in the pool there is a new product on the market called Suit Saver. It will help the life of Nylon Lycra in chlorine by neutralising the chemicals.

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