Columbian Sol – OndadeMar Swimwear and Agua Bendita Swimwear

Columbian swimwear has really captured the attention of the world, as women throughout South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the United States, and as far away as Dubai and Singapore cannot seem to get enough of the extraordinary designs coming out of this spicy nation on South America’s Pacific coast. The landmark name in all of Columbian swimwear is none other than the fabulous OndadeMar, whose lifestyle brand hails a Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits ¬† collection of everything a girl could ever want to look and feel her fashionably best while on vacation.

Columbia’s rich culture of art, design, handcrafts, and an undeniably voracious love of fashion is now taking center stage in the area of swimwear. Columbia’s sizzling fashion scene has a beauty and uniqueness all of its own. Columbian women love to dress up, even when they are wearing the most minuscule of fashion items: the swimsuit. Being a coastal nation, swimwear is a very important facet. The look of Columbian women is about fun, happiness, femininity, and sensuality- hallmarks of Columbian culture. One swimwear brand that has really captured this spirit is Agua Bendita.

Having graced the cover of the SI swimsuit edition, as well as being featured in editorials of every noted fashion publication stateside, and Latin America, OndadeMar is a leading name on the swimwear scene. OndadeMar swimwear hit the beaches in 1999, with intention of making Columbian swimwear a worldwide phenomenon. Known for their trendsetting, fun, and classy designs, OndadeMar stands out amongst all other Latin Brands. Over the years, OndadeMar has blossomed from a high-end swimwear company, into an enormous luxury resort lifestyle brand, seeking to meet the needs of teenage, college-age, and sophisticated women. The swimwear is couture, with a beautiful infusion of Latin decadence. OndadeMar is now considered one of the best swimwear brands in the world, and when you look at their 2010 collection, it’s as obvious as it is beautiful.

When you wear an OndadeMar bikini or one piece, you will get noticed- the fit is impeccable, and the trend factor is always on point. The carefully added details will never inundate the look, only enhance it. Made from the most luxurious fabrics, and beautiful details, owning an OndadeMar swimsuit is a must in any swimwear wardrobe.

OndadeMar’s standards of manufacturing, distribution, and design are clearly acknowledged throughout the international fashion industry. Worldwide, luxury hotels offer OndadeMar swimwear in their high-end boutiques. Dubai, Singapore, Maui, Bali, Australia, London, and Paris- are the fashionable locales where girls are clamoring for OndadeMar. Owned by Tribeca Partners, the most prestigious private equity fund in Columbia, OndadeMar now has the investment capital to be the international fashion powerhouse that it is.

Every Agua Bendita piece is one of a kind, and is truly the work of an artistic vision and crafted by someone’s hands. Having graced the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition over the past three years, and the cover of the SI calendar, this is one brand that is meant to be seen. Started in 2003, the designers of Agua Bendita were determined to get their unique vision noticed. And if you’ve seen any part of the line- you’ll know what I mean! You can’t miss the blazing colors, the eye-popping details, the striking cuts, and the fantastic girly attitude every suit emanates!

Agua Bendita combines the finest European Sexy Bikinis Swimsuits ¬† fabrics, the use of technology to create incredible design in the form of laser cuts, combined with the time honored hand arts of crochet, beading, and embroidery. They also combine a variety of prints in most of their pieces, for a very eclectic look. Ruffles, smocking, piping, ruching- the details are infinite with this brand! The finished product is a magnificently created work of couture fashion. Agua Bendita bikinis, monokinis, and one pieces are made to be fabulous, and to attract attention. Agua Bendita is carried in luxury boutiques all over the world, and they boast signature boutiques in Columbia’s major fashion cities of Cartagena, Medellin, and Barranquilla, and also in Mexico, and Venezuela.

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