Lingerie is a big part in our wardrobe.  They are the first thing you put on every morning and the last thing you take off at night.  Having the right set can make you feel more comfortable and confident.

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Lingerie is beautiful but it can be intimidating.  Besides trying to educate yourself with the many different types of lingerie available such as bras, underwear, garter belts, chemises, teddies, many women often have a hard time finding her lingerie size and and getting the correct fit.  Lingerie sizing can be totally overwhelming with the band sizes and cup sizes.  Buying wholesale lingerie like a bra and trying to figure out the size is one of the most complicated processes ever.  Sometimes, the lingerie sizes for the bra does not correspond with the panty.  You may have a bra with a fitting cup but the straps tend to slip or you can have the straps fit perfectly but the band is too tight.

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The important thing to navigating this increasingly complex market is trying to identify exactly what you want out of your lingerie. So whether you are looking for some cheap plus size lingerie or just want to learn more, do scroll ahead to read the tips on how to make your lingerie fit better.

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The first step to buying a bra is to measure your rib cage and bust area with a measuring tape.  This is to find out the band and cup size.   It is important to ensure that there is no gaping at the cup and the band fits snugly against your back.  The majority of support comes from the band.  Also ensure that the hook and eye closure in the back feels comfortable and not scratching your back.

What happens when the bra cup is too tight?

One of the common mistakes that women do is to increase the band size when they find th cup too tight.  For example, you try on a 34B and it feels tight. The mistake is taking a 36B instead of a 34C. Do not change band size unless you are unable to slip a few fingers under the band of your bra.

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Why do the bra straps slip off the shoulders all the time?

One reason that the bra straps slip off the shoulder often could be that you have narrow shoulders or sloped shoulders.  If that is the case, it would be better to get a plunge bra or racerback bra where the straps are further in.

How do I know if the bra straps are adjusted correctly?  

If your straps are digging onto your shoulders or you can’t slip your finger under your straps, this means that the straps are too tight.  This usually occurs when your band size is too large.  To check your bra straps, slip your straps off your shoulders so they are resting on your arms. A good-fitting bra should stay on without the straps’ assistance.

With the above tips, it is now time to toss out those bras that have been sitting in the lingerie drawers for years.  Time to get shopping for new ones at Lover-Beauty.

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