How to Style Your White Button-up Shirt This Summer

Whenever the summer comes, usually bright colors come into mind. But a simple white color always wins the race. A white shirt can be fitted into any season. But it can be flaunted well in the summer. Many styles are present, which will be mentioned in this article. How can we style up them to get a stylish look? Along with the white shirt, what accessories should be worn?

The styles which are strutted that can mesmerize the eyes of the others. Some of the fashion as mentioned below:

· Simple white shirt and denim jeans:

Jeans are the only clothing which can go with every dress which you want. Similarly, it can go best with a white shirt. The summer season, a plain white cotton shirt from the branded store like Zara, Van Heusen, and many more. With denim jeans which ripped can be best. Minimal jewelry like thin bracelets in gold plated gold or silver loop earrings can make the look gorgeous and elegant. The bag which is carried with it should be black or brown. The brand from which the bag should be preferred is Dior. This combination can increase the intensity of the with its elegance. As per your convenience, you can style up your hair the way you like.

· White shirt with denim shorts:

The most common style which goes well with the summer looks. The style should be tried once with a casual look. Whenever you have to out for a vacation, it can be a perfect look. A white shirt should be loose enough so that the air can pass through it.  The shirts can be from ZARA, or H&M. A messy bun will go perfect with it. The jewelry should be a golden one-strip bracelet. A significant side bag should be used, which is black. In footwear, sneakers or flip-flops can be used.  This look can be pretty cool. This look can be used for the beach. However, it will be very formal for a beachside. For the photography session, it can be awesome.

· Only long white loose shirt

The most desirable fashion that anyone should retain. The most relaxed stylish fashion that any girl could have. In addition to the white shirt, the thin belt can increase the styling effect of anyone. Accessories with this shirt can be minimal either it can be necklace or earrings.  If both the accessories are worn together, they will look over-accessorized.  In the footwear, either sneakers or stilettoes will look better.


Everyone should remember that the less the style is, the more elegant it will be. You can style it will every color you want. White color will be paired well with every flush. But the jewelry should be minimal because it will look too cluttered. White is the color of elegance that can go with every style. And the white shirt in the time of summer can be an excellent choice for the summer. You can style it with a skirt, Jeans, only an oversized shirt or anything else.

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