How to Use Waist Trainer Correctly?

Have you ever wondered if you are using your body shapers to their full potential so that you can maximize the results you are obtaining? Below you will find a few tips on how to wear your waist trainer so that you may have fantastic results!

First tip: always add the amount of compression you feel comfortable with

I’m sure you already know that a waist trainer acts by adding compression to your waist line and that you can set its level due to the adjustable bands the waist cincher has. But are you adding enough compression or not? If you are new to waist trainers you have to start by adding a low level of compression and increase it with time. It is very important for the waist trainer to be tight, but not so tight that you may feel breathless or uncomfortable. There are many testimonials about this in the FeelinGirl review section and it also applies to those of you who are used with wearing waist trainers!

Second tip: it is very important to wear your waist trainer when you workout

If you want to lose weight, I’m sure you are going to the gym. If so, it’s highly important to always wear your waist trainer when doing your fitness routine. This way you will burn more calories and lose weight faster. If you want for your waist trainer before and after to be visible in a short amount of time never forget to bring your waist trainer with you at the gym and also wear it!

Third tip: use your waist trainer constantly

What do I mean when I’m telling you to use the waist trainer constantly, well every single day! If you want to have a small waist line and a flat abdomen, you should wear this body shaper at least a few hours daily and to try to not skip any day. If by any chance you are not able to wear your waist trainer, try and replace it with the best shapewear bodysuit you may find. By doing this you will still add compression to your body and keep it toned.

Fourth tip: own a few waist trainers, it’s good to mix them

Who says you should have only one waist trainer? The more the merrier! When you have two, three and maybe more waist cinchers you will be able to switch between them and also to match them with your outfits. Plus, it’s more fun to wear a different design from time to time, it will make you feel happier! And if you are happy, you will enjoy more doing your exercises while wearing a waist cincher!

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