International Swimwear Day 2017: How to Choose the Right Swimwear for your Body Type

Swimwear is a beautiful garment that simply amps up one’s style quotient and also

makes a woman feel more sexy and confident in one’s own skin. It was invented in
1946 and even today it is one of the most loved attire. With time and as fashion
evolves, the swimwear has been given several twists with the introduction of
monokini, trikini, and other types of swimwears. Available in several colors,
prints and styles, the swimwear is a must-have for every woman just because it
celebrates a woman’s body. If however you want to look sexy in a conventional way
and don’t know what really suits your body type, we have a few suggestions for you.
Choosing a swimwear that highlights your best features while taking the attention
away from the so-called problem areas is pretty easy. Since hourglass is considered
to be the sexiest figure for a woman, here are tips to make you look like you have
one by choosing the right swimwear. So this International swimwear Day, hit the
nearest beach and flaunt your figure in a swimwear with these easy tips. (ALSO SEE
Bollywood babes who look super hot in a swimwear)
If your bust and hips are proportionate
Women who have this ratio usually have an athletic frame. They are skinny and are
neither top nor bottom heavy. This makes them look good in any swimwear style as
their body will look proportionate in any attire. They can however choose to make
their frame look more voluptuous by choosing a swimwear that does the trick. Choose
a bandeau top that will enhance your assets and a large print that will add some
depth to the look. You can also wear a string swimwear that will simply show off
your fit figure. A monokini will help create the illusion of an hourglass figure as

Women who have a tendency to gain weight on their belly and bust but their legs and
hips are small are known to have an apple body shape. If you are one of them, you
need to choose a swimwear where the top makes your bust look smaller and the bottom
makes your hips look bigger. This will balance your frame.
You should choose a dark-colored swimwear especially when it comes to the top as it
can make your bust look smaller. Opt for solid colors instead of stripes or bold
prints and if you have to wear a printed swimwear, choose one that have a busy
pattern but with small details instead of large ones. For the bottom, choose one
with boy-shorts to add an illusion of a bigger butt. A light-colored bottom will
work better for your look.

Many women have larger hips but relatively smaller bust, such a shape is called a
pear shape. They will have to choose a top that accentuates their breasts and
downplays the hips so that the frame looks proportionate.
To make your bust appear bigger than it is, choose a padded swimwear top. Push-up
tops are available as well these days. Or, you can opt for a top with frills and
ruffles that will add more volume to this area. Opt for bright colors instead of
dark and black swimwear tops as they can make your breasts look smaller than they
are. Halter swimwears with stripes is a good idea. For the bottom, you can choose a
high-cut style in a dark color that will make your figure look sexier.

This is the hourglass figure and quite a desirable one by most women. Women with
naturally hourglass bodies can flaunt any style of swimwears or if they want to
make their bust and hips look slightly smaller, they can do so by opting for the
right colors and prints.
You can wear a monokini that will further enhance your figure or if you want to
downplay it, then choose a simple solid-colored swimwear with wide straps and a
regular bottom that covers the hips. Choose tiny patterns if you aren’t a fan of
plain colors.

If you are conscious about a bit of belly fat showing, choose a high-waist swimwear
bottom that covers most of the belly region and gives an illusion that you have a
flat tummy. If you happen to worry about looking too broad, you can choose a
swimwear with a plunging neckline so that it creates a vertical illusion. And if
you are conscious about your stretch marks or thighs, wear a pair of hot shorts
instead of the swimwear bottom along with the swimwear top. If you want to make
your legs look longer, choose a swimwear bottom with a high-cut bottom as it will
add the illusion of height.

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