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To all the beautiful lingerie sets, panties and bras that you already won, add some shapewear to complete the collection. I know most of us have mixed opinions about shapewear. When you get attracted by a positive trait, a negative comment pulls you back. To clear your confusion, choosing the right shapewear of the right size will not pose any problems to you. In fact, it can transform your life for the good. A shapewear acts as the right contour to make any outfit shine on you. While that is said, shapewear is loved by people for its inconspicuous action in hiding the belly pooch. It will enhance the overall appearance and give you that hourglass figure that you crave. If you are a plus sized woman, it will make you look more toned and fit. Here’s a list of shapewear that you should indefinitely own.

plus size shapewear bodysuits

The zipper hook shapewear shorts are a blessing from heaven! It is so easy to put them on and remove unlike other shapewear that will make you struggle to handle them. The hooks make it easier to secure it around the waist and if you want to be more sure, the zipper is ready to serve you. The lace accents give it a sensual appeal and the ultra high compression will help you push that unwanted fat inside within no time. This is one of the ideal plus size shapewear for women.

best plus size shapewear

Spandex and Nylon are combined in appropriate ratios to make this body shaper suit. It extends until above your knees and provides good compression for your hip region along with the waist. The inner thighs are also suppressed. This is great to be worn under any outfit including your regular wear t-shirts and jeans. Moreover, you have the adjustable straps that are easily detachable so you can wear it under any off-shoulder outfit as well.

plus size shapewear for women

Plus size waist trainer at Shapellx is one of the finest and you will find all the designs that you need. All you have to do is to browse through their site and add your favorites to the cart. This one is tight compressing short that does work beyond hiding those love handles. It helps in giving your butt a defined shape and it also helps you stay in the right posture while you sit, stand, and walk. That in itself will do a lot to make you look slimmer and your personality will stand out among others.

best shapewear bodysuits

This crotchless full bodysuit is your dream come true. WIthout leaving anything out, this is going to give a complete transformation that you ladies will love. It completely hides the fat along the waistline and also helps to accentuate your curves. It gives your butt a good lift, boosts your bust and also keeps your appetite at bay. When you start wearing it frequently, you will notice that it will also help to burn some of your fat while you do your regular activities.

If you are looking for a permanent solution,  waist trainer for women is what you should get. These are meant to be your gym partners and they’ll go a long way in helping you burn the excess calories. The thigh trimmers + waist shaper combo is great for an overall weight loss.

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