Popilush Cooling and Stylish Shapewear

Cool clothes are of great importance so you can feel comfortable on hotter days. Therefore, invest in pieces that can enhance your image and well-being, such as a bodysuit shapewear, for example.

Popilush bluetag series shapewear is made with modern technological resources that make your daily life easier and can help you face the high temperatures caused by summer. Therefore, this way you build solid bridges to follow your body positivity.

The best assistant for summer comfort

The more airy your clothes are, the more they will make your summer easier. Therefore, opt for a bodysuit with thin straps. They can be adjustable so that you can adapt the piece in the best possible way to your body shape.

Some features such as transparency, lace and asymmetrical cuts can deliver details that make a difference in your final composition. If you have smaller breasts, you can invest in a model with a deep V-neckline, as it expands the bust area.

If your breasts are full, invest in pieces with a square neckline, as they will provide greater comfort. Belly, hip and butt control is easily achieved through the high-elastic mesh.

Soft thigh support

In addition to the ease of combination that a bodysuit provides, you can also choose a specific design to balance certain parts of the body that you notice need adjustment. Therefore, a shapewear bodysuit shorts can improve the appearance of chubby legs that have sagging or cellulite.

They are great for everyday use or for physical activity. It is comfortable, has no seams and the body adjusts through the highly elastic fabric that flattens the belly, thighs and undulations at the hips. The butt gains elevation to create more feminine curves. Recycled nylon makes it an environmentally friendly piece to raise awareness of sustainability through fashion.

Refreshing and comfortable in summer

Popilush has a series of special pieces for warmer days. Through the technological fabric that has cooling action, you can stay cool through the clothes you choose to wear. Furthermore, the antibacterial properties do not let the effects caused by excess sweating bother you.

The collection is vast and has several dress designs so you can look practical, functional and elegant. It is still possible to transform the dresses with additional Blue tag items such as the shawl and long-sleeved support.

Asymmetrical details make a difference in the way you dress. The detail of a one-shoulder shaping dress with ruffled fabric sides makes you more self-confident and beautiful. You will have more appreciation of the upper part of the body with the visual lengthening of the neck line. The shapewear mesh leaves your tummy flat, legs look smoother and the overlapping crotch design makes your bathroom visits easier.

You can also attend celebratory parties with a maxi dress that will give you the curves of your dreams and a very elegant posture. Black can work really well for the night. Brighten up your look with metallic sandals or accessories that contain extra shine.

The cotton blend lining in the groin area leaves you free from the worry of wearing underwear. On hot days this is great because the fewer layers you need to wear, the cooler your experience can become. Ruffles at the bottom promote a feeling of fluidity and sophistication for a confident look.

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