Shapellx New Styles Worth Trying This Year

If a concealer can save your face from dark under-eye circles, then shapewear can save your figure from unflattering bulges. Wearing shapewear underneath your clothes will help compress and smooth your silhouette, so you will appear fitter and slimmer in any outfit. That’s why shapewear is very popular to be worn on special occasions, and even every day. Shapewear literally gives you the hourglass body you’ve always wanted, without taking so long to lose weight.

Of course, shapewear has come a long way to actually being this comfortable without sacrificing its primary function: smoothing and contouring the body. Iconic shapewear brand Shapellx even goes above and beyond our expectations by designing stylish shapewear jumpsuits, which allow shapewear to become trendy outfits instead of just skin-tight undergarments.

The countless shapewear styles offered in the market make it a challenge for us to choose the best one to buy. If you haven’t solved the challenge yet, don’t worry, this article will help you get there. Here are the best shapewear and jumpsuit styles to try this year from the popular brand Shapellx. The good news is, that you can buy these premium items at the very best prices when the shapewear Black Friday sale takes place!

Best Cut-out Shapewear: AirSlim® See-Through Mesh Cutout Bodysuit

Put aside your thoughts about pinching and stifling shapewear because this product was created to break that stigma. Shapellx prioritizes comfort in each of their shapewear styles while ensuring it works effectively to correct problematic spots on your body. The best part, it also comes in an incredibly fashionable design for all body types!

This cutout bodysuit not only makes you look sultry yet elegant, but can also sculpt your waistline perfectly. It offers effective yet comfortable mid-level compression. With flexible and breathable fabric, you will have a pleasant experience wearing shapewear.

Best Shaping Jumpsuit: Ultra Sleek Halter Neck Shaping Jumpsuit

If you crave versatility in a piece, both for sculpting and styling, this shapewear jumpsuit is the answer. Shapellx’s latest innovation in modern shapewear makes this item a hot topic among women. You’ll get the classy look of a top designer while experiencing the comfortable compression of a quality tummy control bodysuit and the perfect lifting features of the best booty shapewear, in a jumpsuit style!

This product is made of breathable fabric to add comfort to each figure. Its low V-neck style will accentuate your bustline for a sexy yet elegant impression. Additionally, its backless design will make you even more trendy. Make sure you don’t let this year pass without trying it!

Best Retro Style Bodysuits: AirSlim® Retro-style Cupped Bra-free Bodysuit

The best thing about choosing shapewear at Shapellx is that you will have a wide selection of versatile body shapers, and this is one you should try this year. This retro-style shapewear will be comfortable and flattering to wear as an undergarment under your dress or as a top to pair with any bottom. The choice is yours.

The comfy and stretchy satin fabric makes this shapewear look luxurious. Don’t question the shaping results because there is a supportive front boning feature to sculpt your waistline and smooth out bulges. You can go braless thanks to the breathable underwire bra which supports and shapes your breasts better. As the temperatures cool down, it’s the perfect time to layer a warm coat and combine it with jeans and boots. Easy and stunning. So, make sure you include this product at the top of your list when hunting for shapewear Black Friday sales.

Best Yoga Jumpsuit: AirSlim® Full-Length Yoga Jumpsuit

Sports bras and shaping shorts are comfortable yoga gear, but what if you could get something more stylish? You’ll definitely want to wear it around the clock, every day!

This jumpsuit shapewear offers full length and medium compression for a snug and body-fitting silhouette that allows you to move flexibly during exercise. Its peach-shaped buttocks design enhances your butt curves perfectly. Just layer this shapewear jumpsuit with a blazer or coat if you suddenly get an invitation to lunch with the girls after your yoga class. Effortless yet so stylish!

Best 7/8 Shapewear: AirSlim® Core Sculpt 7/8 Length Body Shaper

If you expect more coverage, in case a thong body shaper or shaping shorts are still not enough for your body, choose the newest 7/8 body shaper from Shapellx. This is the most sought after shapewear undergarment this season!

With a 7/8 length design, this shapewear provides special benefits for those of you who want full coverage and support for your midsection, buttocks, thighs and calves. It can sculpt the hourglass silhouette perfectly through its firm compression and three-layer fabric construction feature. The breathable, flexible and light material ensures that you get comfort the first time you put it on your body. Wear it as an undergarment to make any dress fit flawlessly on your figure.

Best Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Shapewear: AirSlim® Long Sleeve Sport Shaping Jumpsuit

Now we know why experts predict the jumpsuit is the next trend, because it’s so flattering and versatile! Whether for sports, casual or everyday wear, a jumpsuit will make you look completely stylish and confident.

This shapewear jumpsuit comes with a high-stretch shaping fabric exterior and a high-stretch mesh interior, to smooth the silhouette and sculpt a naturally curvy waistline. The sleek design and 3D cutting feature help you elongate the appearance of your legs and lift your butt perfectly. Don’t have any regrets later, just make sure you try Shapellx’s long-sleeved jumpsuit this year!

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