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Shapellx shows you a new way to exercise and improve your body in a natural and simple way, without having to go on extreme diets or change your entire lifestyle just to lose weight. You really didn’t know you needed these designs until you wear one of their shapewear bodysuits and trainers with innovative designs available in a wide range of sizes.

The mission is to be able to give you that motivation and commitment to improving your quality of life, if this interests you, keep reading to know everything about this innovative brand that is sweeping the shapewear market in an economical and accessible way for all the people who want acquire it.

To improve your body you need the necessary instruments to achieve it, and that is why Shapellx has created this collection of shapewear that will always be there to help you achieve that figure you want so much.


This brand began in 2019 with the purpose of improving the lives of millions of women, starting from the bottom they were able to consolidate not only for their designs but for the message they promote that all women have beautiful curves and that your weight does not matter your size, you can get to look like you really want if you put your mind to it.

These last years have been of reflection in the world, in terms of sizes and the body of women, and Shapellx knows it, knows that all women are important and that all deserve to love their body, that is why they have sizes from From XS to 6X, any woman who wants to add the best shapewear for women garment to her life can choose from many designs available to her, made of durable materials that accompany you throughout the process and as long as you need it.

We all need a little help sometimes, that’s why the world of women is full of brands and products that help us feel more beautiful and more confident every day, shapewear has been part of that world for a long time and wants to continue being part of your life to accompany you in all the moments where you want to show your figure.


You can choose from a wide variety of products that are specific to the different parts of your body so that you have effective results from the first moment you put it on, as simple as that, choose the one you think you really need and add it to your shopping cart.

There are many collections you can choose from, starting with The AirSlim, it is one of the best-sellers because of its design, that you can use daily to gradually work on your figure if you are not yet ready to exercise, you can wear it under your clothes and it is completely invisible.

When you want to start training, you are going to need The NeoSweat and as its name says, its purpose is to make you sweat in those parts where you want to burn fat and offer you the necessary help when exercising.

The CoreSculpt is to sculpt those parts of the body that are most noticeable such as the waist and abdomen, it helps you compress the area to achieve better results in a short time and the PowerConceal offers you to soften those areas of your body such as the hips and abdomen. so that you only highlight the most important curves for you.

And the brand new line, the GreenFit, is designed and made with biodegradable materials so that you not only get the dream body that you have wanted so much but also help the planet.


AirSlim® Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter

This design is essentially made to shape the lower part of your body, from your abdomen to your hips and legs, the areas that we mostly always want to change. You have to wear this shapewear if you want to have your dream figure in seconds and it is perfect to wear under clothes because no one would be able to see it.

It contains removable straps that you can remove when you wear dresses or necklines, its support is made for all kinds of moments of daily life, from the office to dinner with your partner, it is super sexy and it will make you feel like a million dollars every day on every moment.

Available in black and cream shades from sizes XS to 6XL, you can get the AirSlim® Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter for just $69.60, up from $116.

AirSlim® Mid-Thigh Open Bust Reshaper

If you need support in your back and chest, this design is made for you. It compresses the problem areas in an invisible way for the eyes of the people, nobody will notice that you have it on and your abdomen will look as you have always wanted but with just a simple put it on.

Get that coveted hourglass silhouette while working out those areas of your body by wearing it daily, it’s available in sizes S and XL but always keep an eye out for larger sizes, in beautiful colors like purple, black and beige. Get the AirSlim® Mid-Thigh Open Bust Reshaper here.

NeoSweat® Double Power Waist Trainer

This waist trainer for women is the daily support you need when exercising and lifting weights, it protects your back and shoulders with this design, by tightening the waist area you will be able to shape your body until you achieve the desired effect combined with your daily exercise routine.

It is very flexible and you can breathe easily while using it, the materials are super soft so you do not feel any discomfort when using it. Available in colors such as black and rose red, the sizes of the NeoSweat® Double Power Waist Trainer vary between S and 6XL and its price is $78.

PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass

The sexiest of all and with which you will be able to wear all those summer dresses that you want to wear so much, the cut of this design makes you feel super sensual, compresses the abdomen areas, and lifts your chest so that you look irresistible, it is flexible so you don’t feel trapped under it and you can use it every day to get that desired figure in seconds.

It works to sculpt your inner thighs, waistline, and hips and give support to your back, it is super soft to the touch and very easy to use, you can adjust it as you prefer for the occasions that you have to use the PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass. Available in sizes XS to 6XL for just $70.40, it was previously $128.


All the people who wish to achieve a change in their lives, to improve their body you do not have to have a specific size or age, you just have to have the motivation and the necessary discipline to achieve those goals that you set for yourself. Shapewear is for everyone who wants to shape their figure and join the adventure of loving their body and their curves.

The Shapewear is designed to elevate the body so that you can see it in a different way than what you see in the mirror, it is so that you feel special, that you know that your body and your curves are valuable, that your body is strong and can get what you want if you only propose it is getting it, shapewear is a trigger for all those things you want physically, to improve your mood with exercise and seeing the changes in your body will make you feel much better about yourself.

Whoever needs it most can use it, either to start exercising, to go to work, to use it in casual moments such as going for a walk or a picnic with your friends, you can wear it under your clothes and it will be that invisible friend that nobody goes but you know it’s there making you show off your flat abdomen and your contoured legs, you don’t need to wear anything else, just your favorite shapewear design and you’re ready to go.


Many brands base their advertising and marketing strategy on making you feel bad about your body, selling you false stereotypes that are already outdated, not all bodies are the same, everyone has different needs and sees their body in a way that others do not see it.

Shapellx wants you to see that your body is a motivation to get what you want, it makes you look beautiful with what you already have and makes you improve what you already have, by molding the hidden curves that you don’t show out of shame, the flat abdomen that you can get with some effort, it teaches you that we all have insecurities but that is no excuse to start loving and accepting your body as it is and as it can be.

That is why this brand has been consolidated for several years and has managed to grow in social networks and create a beautiful community of women who support each other and want to see a change in their bodies in a healthy and effective way.


Thanks to their innovative designs, they have won the hearts of many women all over the internet, many of their products from waist trainers to butt lifters have more than 4.5-star ratings on the page and in internet reviews. What consumers think is very important for the brand, so they can improve each design and everyone can get better results.

The Neo-sweat and Core-sculp collections are one of the favorites, not only because they help you to shape, but also because they give you back support so you don’t feel the full weight of your body on it. Many noticed the changes after a month of using it constantly accompanying it with daily walks and simple exercises, after that the changes were more noticeable with heavier exercises and with a more balanced diet.

Its community of 171,000 followers on Instagram is always in constant communication every time they purchase a new product from the brand, sharing their satisfactory experience with the brand and their opinions on how they can improve it or what they would like to add to the brand to make it a more complete experience.


They currently have many promotions so you can start using the brand, many of their clothes are currently discounted so you can get that summer body much faster, here are some of the current promotions:

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $80 & Hassle-free returns!

Buy 3 to Get an Extra 15% Off! Code: TKS

Refer a friend. Give them $20, you get a $30 Shapellx discount code


Currently, you can get all their designs online, their pages are always active so you can buy everything you want with fast shipping, you just have to go to Shapellx.com and add your favorite designs to your cart and buy.


If you don’t like what you bought on the Shapellx page or need a different size, you have 60 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange your order. For your items to qualify for a refund, you’ll need to stick to the following conditions:

You must have tried your shapewear on over underwear

It needs to be in original condition, unworn, and unwashed

All tags need to be attached

You must return it with the original packaging

To initiate a return, email [email protected] and let them know what’s up. If the reason for your request is anything other than a defect or wrong item, you’ll be responsible for return shipping costs.

After you get the green light from customer service, send your package to 8333 Rochester Ave, Suite 109, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730, USA

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