New Season Looks-Denim Shorts For Summer

The heat is on this summer. This is the perfect excuse to come out with fewer clothes as possible, but that does not mean stripping. You can just show more skin because the heat is understandable. Summer is fun because we can dress up more. We can be feminine yet edgy or sporty yet sexy. The perfect wear for this summer is denim shorts. This is what’s in so dare to bare and dare to flaunt your legs. At the end of the day, the streets will always be your runway so own it and walk-in style. I’m never a Plain Jane, but when it comes to new season looks, I’ll always choose denim shorts for summer errands because it is so quick, easy and light to wear. I love to pair my denim shorts with a crisp white shirt, rubber shoes, floral stilettos or stylish wedges and I am good to go! I recommend these 5 New Season Looks—shorts for summer:

Ripped denim shorts

This high waist denim short gives your butt an instant butt lift. This is perfect for your chill and loungewear or maybe a quick errand to the grocery store or pharmacy. I just love the 5 pocket denim shorts as it allows me to go out even without a bag. I can just shove in my cards, cash, and a hippie in my distressed denim shorts. This is such a rugged look that it is great to pair this with high boots or just white rubber shoes. Ripped denim shorts are so rugged like a pop star. I feel like a Hollywood star celebrity whenever I wear these ripped denim shorts. So hot and extremely stylish!

Soft denim shorts with a ribbon belt

For an ultra-soft feel and maximum comfort, choose an ultra-soft denim product like this one. This has a very relaxed fit and vibe so you do not have to be conscious of showing off any curves. The waistline is easily adjustable. You can wear any stylish scarf belt to elevate and change your looks every now and then. The belt loops are so functional and stylish that you can cinch your waist with absolutely anything you feel like wearing. Feel free to match your belt with your shoes and top to give a more coordinated look. This will be perfect to show off your statement shoes and bag.

Drawstring shorts

Drawstring shorts are convenient and comfortable to wear as you can easily tighten or loosen your shorts whenever you feel full, fat, or uncomfortable. The shorts are so unique with a skin tone or flesh tone color that can help elongate your look. This can be easily matched with any crop top or blouse you are eyeing to wear. Feel free to wear this with flowery sandals or Aztec wedges so you are ready for a lunch out with your girlfriends or boyfriend. What a stunning look.

High-waisted buttoned shorts

Too many buttons are sometimes inconvenient to wear, but surely we both agree that buttons are so sexy and stylish. It helps accentuate and define your waist and your body curves. High-waisted buttoned shorts gives a flattering effect to your body. It creates an illusion of a more elongated and balanced body. It gives you a slimmer and more toned effect so I do not mind all the buttons when it makes me look and feel better.

Statement embroidered shorts

I just love it when plain denim short is transformed into shorts with so much character. Embroidered shorts are so classy and stylish. The unique patterns and colorful designs are sewn or patched to the shorts are timeless and elegant. Details always go a long way in fashion. It never goes out of season as the vibe is so fresh and full of life. It’s a statement in itself. I love embroidered designs as it does not fade or blur. The handmade embroidery adds a personal touch to the wearer and designer. It creates a stylish and intricate mutual understanding that does not require any verbal agreement, but a visual approval of both parties that these embroidered shorts are a reflection of our personality.

Make summer hotter with shorts that flatter your body shape and body type. Do not be afraid to experiment on which types of shorts give you more confidence. Wear the type of shorts that makes you feel sexy and not the type of shorts that makes you feel so conscious. Shorts make you look sizzling hot especially if you are blessed with long legs. Flaunt your best assets. It is something to be proud it especially if you have a flawless figure and flawless legs. All eyes will definitely be on you. I am son envious!

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