Swimwear Options For Well-Endowed Women

It’s true that we always want or crave for whatever we lack or don’t have. Women who are not so blessed with bigger chests spend a great deal to avail of breast enlargement procedures. Well-endowed women, on the other hand, spend money too — to reduce their chest loads. The size of the chest does matter especially since vanity, no matter how sinful they say it is, is a natural attribute. The bust line has always been a personal concern of so many women because no one girl thinks she’s beautiful enough.

A full-busted woman should make it her primary concern to choose the best fitting swimwear for her. There is some sensitivity where swimwear choice is concerned since this is for public viewing purposes as much as it is for swimming. Unlike other clothing, which covers the body discretely, the swimwear will expose whatever you are in terms of your body contours. The underwear is another story since it’s a private thing.

Choosing the best Swimwear boutique bathing suits to fit the body is crucial for all women, regardless of their size. Sometimes, there are slight concerns on proportions and that could pose some challenges to the shopper. For instance, a petite girl with large D-cup sized chest will have to spend quite some time going through rigorous fittings to get the perfect match. A two-piece suit could work but there should be a good balance of the top and bottom. Since it could get a little overwhelming where the top is, the trick is to sway the focus to the bottom or hip area. A V-cut bottom should be good since it could elongate the legs. The string at the sides tied to lock the bottom in place can catch the attention. Embellishments like beads can draw the eyes too as well as fancy colors or interesting prints.

The top should have the right cup size or a size bigger to get that fit that won’t look too tight at the sides. Go for plain tops but some beads on the strings couldn’t be bad at all. If tied round the neck or at the back, these strings will be great teasers. Aqua-colored beads on the strings can draw the eyes up to the neck instead of the bust. This also tends to make the necks appear longer. A cover-up that matches the swimwear could hug the hips to force eyes downwards.

For the smaller busted women, the strategy is to reverse the above mentioned concept. Make eyes zoom to your upper chest and not on the belly area. Bottoms should be simple and plain with little or no embellishments at all. Instead of a V-cut, choose a medium cut. To enhance the bust area, beads along the bust line will work well. It will also help to use bust pads and those tops with lifting features.

Now what if you are full-figured and full-busted? You should look good up or down without revealing too much of your default assets. The safer approach is to take the eyes of the beholder up to the eye level. Work on an elongated look at the top and stay away from bold colors or heavy adornments. The one-piece suit will be great but that doesn’t mean you will skimp on style. Great colors to work with are dark ones like black, dark blue or chocolate brown. Some colors on the straps can seize the eyes and draw them to the neck up. Angled stripes work best to lure attention and create the illusion of a perfect proportion.

The material used on the swimwear is especially important. Lycra or spandex offers the needed stretchiness and the firmness. This fabric can control the usual problem area like the tummy. A swimwear must have room for some bounce as that is the natural tendency of a full bust. Swimwear with under-wire bust support that lifts the bust up for a nice cleavage should be considered. The cut at the leg area should make your legs look longer than they really are to make you appear slimmer and taller.

The real problem in choosing the right swimwear is the stigma commercialism has cast upon many women. The sight of these beautiful women with perfect bodies makes an ordinary American woman hate her body. As these models flaunt their underweight stance on TV, billboards, and magazine, the regular woman forgets that they are not the real ones. Normal girls, especially the middle aged ones, weigh 160 pounds, stands 5’6″ and are sized 14. The kindest thing you can do to yourself is to love your body the way it is. Just learn to dress up according to your body type. It is best not to focus on one specific area you feel is wrong, work on creating a total image that creates a huge impact on others. Wearing the swimsuit is just another hurdle to win over – wear it right and you are never ever going to be wrong.

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