These 5 Shapewear Styles from Popilush will Make You Look Slimmer!

If you want to revamp your look or add assertive pieces to your style, I recommend that you add the use of Shapewear to your daily life. In addition to optimizing the way you dress, it will further increase your confidence.

With a shaper dress, for example, you can shape your body, creating a slimmer, more toned appearance in just a few seconds. Popilush has a variety of shapewear styles available that can help you look your best as a woman.

1- Use the maxi dress as your ally

A long dress can be worn on many occasions. It is assertive because it becomes a facilitator in creating your look, no matter what your personal style. The Popilush shapewear dress was designed with all female body types in mind. The adjustable straps symbolize a facilitating feature in this process, they adapt easily, making the dress perfect for you. In this sense, the structure of the upper part is also highlighted through the built-in bra with removable cups so that you can use this feature to meet different personal needs. The double-layer fabric in the waist area builds the perfect tummy.

2- The jumpsuit can be another one-piece option

In addition to the dress, you also get full body shaping with a tummy control jumpsuit. It becomes an effective resource for slimming the body, as it aligns your entire curves, helping to create a more uniform silhouette. The long sleeves can help you create compositions that help keep you warm on colder days and the wide-leg model makes you more elegant. The mesh made of modeling fabric in the belly area helps keep the belly defined. Furthermore, the back line takes on a more delicate shape with the plastic mesh design that is light and comfortable.

3- Invest in a pair of modeling panties

Shaping panties are one of the most popular shapewear styles among women as they are easy to wear under any clothing. Helps slim the waist and any visible fat around the hips. The detail of the G-string together with the lace is sexy. You don’t have to worry about your piece slipping, as it has anti-rolling features thanks to the flexible sides, making you a much more confident woman when dealing with everyday issues.

4- Body definition with style

Those boring pieces are a thing of the past. You deserve the best, including shapewear that follows the main fashion trends, such as shiny fabric with a metallic effect. It can be used as a main piece to go to parties and events or want to stand out. I defined the belly, chest, hips, butt, and legs, as the length reaches mid-thigh. The double-layer fabric is comfortable, as it provides internal/external elasticity, leaving you more beautiful and with better-structured curves.

5- Your best version with a slimmer belly

In order for you to increase your confidence and make your style even more powerful, you need to identify which part of your body you want to apply the benefits of modeling. A full body piece, it already adjusts your curves as a whole, but if you want to highlight the central region, investing in dresses with built in tummy control is the easy solution you’ve been waiting for.

The shorts made with compression fabric are integrated under the dress and promote the ideal flattening of the belly without causing discomfort. The steel wire in the bust area creates the ideal bra and provides great support. A 4-way stretch fabric makes your dress a comfortable piece that can be worn all day long. Therefore, it was also created with an overlapping crotch that will make your trips to the bathroom easier.

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