This Is How You Can Easily Style The Perfect Comfy Chic Outfits

 Ohh casual-chic clothes, the ultimate way to look our best without having to sacrifice our comfort. If your job requires you to put on your most conservative office wear we understand the need to crave some comfy –but still very flattering- outfit combinations as soon as the weekend comes around. We gathered inspiration from the top, street style stars that seem like they always manage to look their best by finding the right balance between cozy, comfy, and stylish. Whether you are looking for the ultimate way to wear your favorite flare jeans or tips on how to style your basic white t-shirt to stand out from the crowd keep up reading.

Stick to neutral color palettes to ensure everything in your wardrobe goes together. One of the biggest struggles of modern women is their urge to buy all the latest styles without paying much attention to their existing clothing collection. Soft tones of beige, brown, nude, and gray not only match perfectly together, but they also look super chic.

White sneakers will be your new best friend, we promise. This miracle of a shoe matches every outfit with ease. No matter If you are ready to put on your favorite oversized blazer and a pair of bicycle shorts or your trusted gray hoodie layered on top of the perfect plaid shirt, sneakers are always the answer. There are so many variations, including but not limited to the high top, low rise, and platform styles.

Play with textures. No outfit can scream “comfy cozy” louder than a long, beige coat styled with an oversized knitted blanket scarf during the months of Autumn. Most of us own a limited number of outerwear styles, scarfs can be a great way to make you look like you are wearing a different outfit every day.

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