Top Retro Classic Sneakers That Will Always Be On Trend

In an era when the love of all things, street style is at its peak. Surely everyone has their favorite sneaker trend, from the latest Yeezys to a pair of limited edition Jordans, none the less some great styles pass the test of time due to their quality, design, and versatility. In other words, there only be a few designs that can truly be labeled as “wardrobe essentials”.

Sneakerheads have been appreciating these all-time classic styles for decades but with the rise of the Athleisure trend, many brands decided to re-launched their staple designs to meet the needs of the current customers. With no further ado, here are the top 5 sneakers you need to have in your collection if you want to call yourself a true street style enthusiast.

Nike Air Max 1 

Nike Air max, originally designed in 1987, was a true innovation for its era. New variations of the old school model have been presented throughout the years, including but not limited to Air Max 90 and VeporMax in early 2017. A pair that was mainly used for workouts and outdoor activities has now turned into an everyday essential for men and women alike, worn by celebrities like Adam Levine and John Mayer to name a few.

Nike Air Jordan III

We might all remember Nike Air Jordan 1 to be the best and most worn pair of the whole collection but Jordan 3 owns the title of the most beloved style of all time. There is a reach history behind this collection – worn by Michael Jordan in 1988- followed by many new realizes of the iconic pair. 

Vans Sk8-Hi

Time to dive into the world of skateboard and BMX. The shoes with the most famous side stripe logo were launched by Vans in 1978 and took the skateboarding world by storm. Sk8-hi featuring extra ankle protection remains one of the most universally loved pairs to this day and a symbol of an entire culture. Nowadays there are a ton of different variations in patterns, designs, and colors.

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor

Not many know that All Star Chuck Taylor, presented in 1917, was at one point the first mass-produced baseball sneaker in North America. The icon pair relaunched more than a few times and was easily adapted in many different cultures like the Punk Rock and Skateboarding scenes. Name one movie from the ’90s and early 00’s that didn’t show one of the main leads wearing variations of the all-time classic Converse All-Star sneakers in white, red, or dark blue. It’s safe to say that this pair is a necessary addition to every sneakerhead’s collection.

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