Why do Internet Celebrities like Shiny Bags?

Have you ever wondered why celebrities or influencers do like shiny bags? I think we all have. And it is not only a matter of them being shiny, but it is also a matter of how expensive their bags are. Because a high-end brand bag is as shiny itself just by that fact.

And it is not only a symbol of status, but it is also, a piece of their outfits that will be bringing attention to them. In the end, shiny things will always bring attention to themselves.


And let’s be honest, if you are an internet celebrity, you most likely do like the attention. And there’s of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the attention. Deep inside, even the people that say that they don’t, end up enjoying it when they do get it.

The internet and social media have changed the world as we used to know it. Making basically anyone, who for any reason, goes viral into an internet celebrity.

Celebrities before used to be just artists, actors or singers that we used to love watching in the cinema, tv or in magazines.

Now, celebrities are accessible to us and in the palm of our hands, on our phones, and one can actually become one too.

Once one has reached the internet celebrity status, then, we tend to want to get what we probably couldn’t afford before.


And bags, high-end, designer, and shiny bags tend to be the first choice for so many women, and sometimes even men. Because, why can’t men have their own bags?

If we girls, can buy and wear clothing pieces from the men’s section, why wouldn’t they be able to want shiny bags as we do?

Usually, things that are shy, call for our attention and tend to become girls’ best friends. Or don’t they say that about diamonds? So, to symbolize their new “celebrity” status, internet celebrities tend to wear and get shiny pieces. And why, you might wonder, right?

Well, it’s because it’s their way of saying that they’re important now and they can afford things that they couldn’t before.


And let’s be honest, once again, there’s really nothing wrong with that. We all want things and sometimes work very very hard to get things that we want. Sometimes it takes some time, sometimes just some luck, but it is very satisfying to get what one has wanted for so long. And it is even more satisfying to get it because one has worked so hard.

So, if you see an internet celebrity with a shiny bag, just think it might have been something she always wanted and finally got it. She might just have to show her new status around. Or, simply, she might just like shiny things and that was her favorite bag. There are people that actually love shiny things, and she might be one of those. And, maybe, just maybe, they’re just wearing it to put the attention back on them, because a shiny bag will have that ability.


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