Can I Keep The Shapewear while Sleeping?

When it comes to improving our bodies, we, ladies, tend to go to extreme measures. We are ready to face the strictest of the diets, hardest gym routines, and even go under the scalpel of professionals. There is nothing that can stop us in this way. Shapewear undergarments prove their usefulness in the weight loss journey, providing instant, and long-term results. But is there anything else we can do to furthermore improve the results of shapewear wearing? Some women suggest sleeping in shapewear. But is there any good in doing so, and can we keep the sleepwear while sleeping? Let’s find this out!

Butt Lifter with Straps

There is some logic behind the idea of sleeping in your shapewear. It is made to smooth, and contour the body, so sleeping in this body-contouring undergarment is logical. Yet, many factors should be considered. For example, the type of shapewear. If it is a lightweight short shapers, delicate panties, or bra, that will support your breast at night, you may leave them on during sleep.

Plus Size Bodysuit

The compression level should be considered as well. The high-compression shapewear and some of the best bodysuits are usually worn to a special occasion such as a wedding, official evening balls, banquets, and parties. The high-compression or firm control material tucks in the extra volume, anatomically emphasizing the curves all in the right places.

Shapewear Panties

This type of shapewear is not meant to be worn for a long period and may cause discomfort to your skin, and body while it is still on. So, sleeping in high-compression shapewear won’t be the best idea.

Best Body Shaper

Another thing to think about, before falling asleep in your shapewear, is the type of material it is made of. Two of the most popular material choices for body-shaping pieces are Nylon and Spandex. These are thin, synthetic material with high elasticity. Of course, they are breathable, but may not be too good to spend your night in.

Shaping Shorts

Full body shaper plus size, that gently embraces your body from every side and made of natural, thin material maybe your best option for sleep. If it is lightweight and feels like your second skin, doesn’t rub on your skins, and doesn’t make you sweat, then there is no bad in spending a whole night in this piece. Just remember to keep it freshly-washed at all times, to don’t spread the germs onto your bedding.

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