How To Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down

There are many reasons to love shapewear. This amazing undergarment can sort out all the lumps and bumps, sculpt our bodies, give us a slimmer silhouette, and make us feel confident in the clothes we wear. However, for some of us, shapewear can let us down by rolling down. Not only does it make us feel uncomfortable, but it also creates bulges that show through the clothes.

Ways To Prevent Shapewear From Rolling Down

Ahead are some tips on how to prevent the dreaded roll-down and how you can rock your favorite outfits with the best shapewear.

1) Choose the right size

It is important to get the right size when purchasing the shapewear. Not only will it target the right area, but it will also give you a comfortable fit on the body. Use a tape measure to get the right measurements for the bust, waist, and hips. Then check the size chart on the website carefully.

For the bodysuit, take all three measurements as this body shaper targets all areas of the body.

For waist trainers or waist cinchers, you can just use the measurement for the waist. If you are in between sizes, choose the larger size as this shaping garment typically features adjustable closures that can be tightened progressively.

For shaping shorts and butt lifter shapewear, you would need to take the measurement of your waist and hip because they target the tummy and the derriere.

Image – https://www.shapellx.com/products/powerconceal-seamless-high-waisted-shorts

Never go down a size thinking that it will make you look slimmer because a smaller size may have the opposite effect and make your shapewear roll down and create lumps on the body.

2) Find The Correct Fit For Your Body Type

For petite women, styles that are shorter on the waist will offer a smooth look. Those that are too long will bunch up and roll down.

For a tall frame, choose styles that offer good coverage and extend over the lower tummy. Shapewear with adjustable shoulder straps will allow you to customize a comfortable fit.

For plus-size women, it is best to stick with styles that are designed for curvy bodies in order to get the best and most secure fit possible.

3) Choose High Quality And High Compression Shapewear

Invest in high-quality black friday shapewear because it will be well worth your money. Constructed in high-quality fabric, these shapewear pieces are designed for a better fit and more durability. These shaping garments also usually feature an anti-slipping grip on the waistband or straps to help keep the shapewear secure and prevent it from rolling down. A firmer compression level shapewear such as bodysuits or waist trainers will stay in place.

4) Pair The Right Shapewear With The Right Outfits 

There are specific shapewear styles that are more suited for certain outfits than for others. What you wear underneath a casual outfit or a formal occasion calls for a different support style.

Casual T-shirts and Jeans – If you want to cinch your waist, you can opt for a waist trainer or a waist cincher that can be tucked into your jeans. Camis are ideal too for a super smooth look. For a muffin top, you can wear a shaping panty or give your rear a boost with butt-lifter-shaping shorts.

Image – https://www.shapellx.com/products/powerconceal-essentials-2-way-shaping-tank

Dresses – A full bodysuit works best with a dress as it offers an all-in-one shaping for a smooth, sculpted look. A pair of mid-thigh shorts are also great for a sleek look and for more coverage.

Skirts – A thong shaper or butt enhancer shapewear work wonders to target the tummy, rear, and thighs to make your skirt fit smoothly.

Wedding Dress – When buying a shaping garment during a shapewear sale to wear underneath your wedding dress, you need something that is comfortable to wear all day while enhancing your silhouette. If you are wearing a wedding dress with a plunging neckline or low back, a bodysuit with a plunge neck and low back is a smart solution.

Workout – For working out, you need to wear the right shapewear so that it will stay in place and will not roll. A workout band is ideal as it will not only amp up your core temperature but will also stay in place while offering support and compression.

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