Sports Illustrated’s Body-Positive Swimwear Is So Good, It Made People Cry

There’s swimwear – and then there’s swimwear.

For women who don’t fit into sizes typically sold in stores (around size 2 to 14),
finding a bathing suit has long been a struggle.

Besides facing the changeroom’s terrible lighting and unflattering mirrors
(something everyone can relate to), there’s also been a serious lack of choice in
terms of fashionable options to wear to pool parties and the beach.
Until now.

This year at SwimMiami (a swimwear-focused fashion event), Sports Illustrated
debuted a collection of body-positive swimsuits that not only look stunning, but
seem like they’ll be pretty supportive too.

“We very specifically designed a line that would appeal to a diverse group of
women,” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor MJ Day said to the publication. “The
priority was fit, fashion and size inclusivity. Within the line, the options range
from more modest and demure to full on flaunt, and every suit is available in size
2-20. Our goal is to provide sexy, functional options that make you feel great!”

At the show, Day told Today people were coming up to her and thanking her for
including diverse models in the collection, with some people “literally bursting
into tears.”

Day opened up about her own insecurities with regards to swimwear earlier this year,
posting a picture of herself in a bikini on Instagram with the caption, “Funny how I
have spent my life on a beach since childhood and I have never truly felt
comfortable in a swimsuit. Even at my thinnest. We need to love ourselves in the
present. No matter what.”

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