What You Need to Know About Acne: 5 Ways to Achieve Healthy Skin

Clear and healthy skin is what many women want to achieve. However, due to many factors such as pollution, sensitive skin, irritants, diet, and a lot of other things, getting a pimple here and there is sometimes inevitable.

Acne is a common skin condition that is usually due to blocked pores resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. It can occur at any age so taking care of your skin no matter how young or old you are is essential. Here are the things that you need to know about acne and how you can achieve healthy skin:

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  1. Dirty Clothing, Headgear, Phones, and Pillowcases Can Cause Acne

If you have been diligent with your skincare routine but still find yourself getting a pimple here in there, you might want to check if your pillowcases, phone, and clothing or headgear are being cleaned regularly. Because of the buildup of dirt and your pillows or blankets can transfer to your skin causing clogged pores.

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Change your bed sheet blanket and pillow cases at least 2-5 times a week. Some people may find that shocking why you have to change your she it’s quite often. Think of your bed sheets like your clothes.


You change your clothes at least twice a day because they get dirty, and your sweat transfers to your clothes. In the same way with bedsheets, you lay on them, put your entire body flopped to the bed, and sometimes even with your dirty clothes on. Hence, it is recommended that you buy at least five-bed sheet sets that you can change your bed into to ensure that your bed is always hygienic.

  • Avoid Greasy Products

If you work in an environment where there are a lot of greasy products such as oil, you might want to wash your face several times a day to remove the buildup of grease and dirt. At the same time avoid using products that are heavily oil-based or thick creams and face lotions. Putting too many products on that can cause clogged pores can be a cause of acne.

  • Heat And High Humidity Can Worsen Pimples

If you have ever lived in a tropical country, you would know how it is to get a people or to the morning that you wake up. This is because the moisture in the air causes sweat to evaporate longer, this, in turn, causes you to be oily and clammy. Eventually, this sweat can cause buildup leading to a pimple.

To prevent this, you can always bring blotting sheets or cleansing wipes with you to wipe off dirt, sweat, and oil. At the same time, though it may seem counterintuitive, keeping your skin well hydrated paid drinking a lot of water, and spraying moisturizing mist, will help prevent the buildup of oil and dirt.


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  • Immediate Treatment Can Avoid Pimple Scars
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If you ever see a pimple or two, it is best to do the in-ed treatment by putting on an acne spot treatment or anything that has salicylic acid. You can also go to the dermatologist where they can inject a pimple treatment for you.

  • The Foods That You Eat Are a High Contributor To Your Acne

Whether it’s for your health or for your skin, the foods that you eat have a huge impact on you. Foods high in sugar can cause you to produce excess oil and sebum which would lead to blocked pores.


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Avoid eating foods high in sugar such as white pasta or rice, and dairy. Instead, you can opt for wheat and those that are rich in fiber and vitamin C.


Maintaining a proper diet, ensuring that your clothes, hats, sunglasses, and pillowcases are queen, improving the air quality inside the home, avoiding heavy or greasy skin care products, and visiting your dermatologist will all help you to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

You can avoid having prolonged acne by seeking immediate treatment for the extra spot treatment or facials.

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