5 Celeb- inspired Wedding Styles for Summer

The heat during the summer season could quickly get on anyone’s nerves. Imagine getting married amidst that high temperature, humidity and fieriness. It seems terrifying, right? But, should you cancel the whole plan of marrying in summer because of that, or are there any alternatives? Well, yes, there indeed is a way out! Below are some of the wedding styles put together by various celebrities that can hamper getting all sweaty in a heavy satin wedding dress.

1. Wedding Jumpsuit-

A jumpsuit is meant to be comfortable and easy to carry. Wedding jumpsuits are also pretty standard among celebs for a summer wedding.

Vogue Williams, a famous Irish model and media personality when marrying Spencer Matthews, wore a white jumpsuit instead of a traditional gown hence giving us a wedding dress alternative. Choose a pretty white jumpsuit, style it with a veil perhaps, and you are good to go!

2.    Short Maxi Dress-

A maxi dress is probably the most comfortable and in-demand clothing for summers. So, why not style it as a wedding dress?

Cindy Crawford, an American model, actress and businesswoman when marrying Rande Gerber, wore a short white Maxi dress for her beach wedding. The humidity of the beach and the sun’s heat didn’t stop the couple from marrying; rather, it made it different and unique.

3. Crepe Dress-

An article of clothing that not only saves you from summer but also alleviates your fashion is undoubtedly a crepe dress.

Rita Hayworth, an American actress and dancer when marrying Prince Aly Khan, wore a beautiful blue crepe dress with a hat. This was the time’s most talked about wedding which took place casually. Why not use such a style? Light and comfy!

4. Gingham Dress-

Gingham is a fabric typically used for making kitchen clothes having stripes on it. One can seldom think of using it to make a wedding dress.

When married to actor Jacques Charrier, Brigitte Bardot, a French animal activist and former actress and singer, wore a pink gingham dress that revolutionized fashion, setting a bar that anything could be made pretty with small efforts.

5. Short Gown-

Instead of those poofy white gowns, one can also opt for short ones to prevent the high temperature from ruining your wedding day.

Sofia Carmina Coppola, an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actress when marrying Phoenix’s Thomas Mars, wore a lovely short lavender gown flaunting her elegance. Anyone can wear such a gown of any shade with light makeup on a hot summer day and marry gracefully.

If these celebs can wear whatever they want for their wedding as per their pleasure, then why can’t you wear one for your comfort? Casuals are the new fashion, so don’t pay heed to the taboos prevailing.

Summers can be an issue but not if you try out the above styles. Try these with your experimental elements, add in some beauty to these ideas, and you will pull off any style no matter what season it is.

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