Invective in Hanoi as international tourists captured sunbathing in swimwear simply by iconic pond

A new video tutorial of two female overseas tourists sunbathing by the Hoan Kiem (Returned Sword) Pond in down-town Hanoi offers sparked invective on social networking, with many local people condemning the act as bad.

In the training video, two twentysomething women lay flat around the grass within their swimwear for women, correct next towards the famous pond. They just put on a little extra clothes each time a police officer strolls by.

“I have no idea the actual were considering, ” a comment on social websites reads. Many more describe the act as a particular problem.

VnExpress World cannot instantly verify if the video was filmed of course, if the visitors have confronted any punitive measures. Their particular nationalities possess remained unfamiliar.

Vietnam in 2013 removed cash penalties to penalize those putting on indecent clothing in public. The nation still purely monitors what performers put on stage.


Hoan Kiem Pond is a popular visitor attraction, however for many residents it’s also a sacred place tied to centuries-old legends, such as the well-known tale of the Turtle God. The Ngoc Child (Jade Mountain) Temple is usually on the pond.

Hanoi recording announced programs to apply a rigid dress code, warning that it may publicly brand any people or site visitors wearing revealing clothes in public areas.

The guideline is was executed to turn london into a “civil and polite” destination, yet experts cautioned that it will be difficult, in the event that not unlawful, to enforce restrictions about how people gown, which they referred to as a very personal choice.

A month ago, Vietnam’s travel and leisure ministry legally realeased a code of conduct intended for tourism. Among the list of rules of manners to get tourists will be recommedations pertaining to appropriate dress up and accountable drinking.

Karl Lagerfeld Collaborates With Vilebrequin on Swimwear Capsule

ENDLESS SUMMER: Next time Karl Lagerfeld heads down to Saint-Tropez, he will be able to don beachwear bearing his own likeness — even if he generally favors a white suit for his Riviera jaunts.

The Karl Lagerfeld brand has collaborated with French luxury swimwear for women maker Vilebrequin on a limited-edition capsule collection of eight items that includes men’s and women’s swimwear, beachwear and beach accessories.

The two brands have a common shareholder: G-III Apparel Group. G-III, headed by Morris Goldfarb, owns Vilebrequin and has a 19 percent stake in the Lagerfeld label.

The new line will go on sale in May at select Karl Lagerfeld stores, Vilebrequin stores and on their respective e-commerce sites, with prices ranging from $80 to $290.

Inspired by iconic Rivieras and coastlines, the pieces come in a vibrant azure shade set off with pops of graphic black and white, and feature Lagerfeld’s instantly recognizable silhouette printed in black in lieu of a logo.

For men, they include a polo shirt and two styles of swim shorts: one fitted with a flat-belt waist, and the other inspired by classic Seventies silhouettes. For women, the offer consists of a bikini, a tunic and swim shorts. The collection is rounded off by a beach towel and a zip-top clutch.

Lagerfeld has a long-standing relationship with Saint-Tropez. In 2010, he chose the Riviera resort as the setting for his Chanel cruise collection, and unveiled a 17-minute film titled “Remember Now” — a road movie involving Lagerfeld’s Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé and a gaggle of models impersonating such mythic Riviera figures as Brigitte Bardot and Sacha Distel.

The following year, he caused a stir by strolling into Saint-Tropez’s mythic café, Sénéquier, to shoot a video clip with Jean-Roch, the nightclub impresario who released a single dedicated to the famous resort town. The track also featured Snoop Dogg.

Colombian Swimwear Company Maaji to Merge with Seafolly of Australia

Two market-leading swimsuit companies, Maaji of Colombia and Seafolly of Australia, and being combined into what controlling shareholder L Catterton Asia is calling a “global swimwear and beach lifestyle platform.”

L Catterton Asia, formerly known as L Capital and now the regional arm of U.S. consumer-focused private equity firm L Catterton, facilitated the move with a $50 million USD investment into Maaji, according to the Straits Times of Singapore.

While the controlling company stressed that it wants both brands to maintain their identities, it said that this merger represents “the first step in the aggregation of the fragmented swimwear/beach wear one piece swimsuits .”“With this unparalleled combination of Seafolly and Maaji, we look to grow our portfolio and create the largest independent house of beach lifestyle brands,” said Ravi Thakran, chairman and managing partner of L Catterton Asia. “The two brands are market leaders from two large, but distinct, beach destinations – Australia and Latin America – with each possessing a very unique style and positioning.”

Thakran said that the company had been planning to merge various firms in the industry dating back to its 2014 investment to acquire a controlling share in Seafolly. Combining it with the Medellín-based Maaji was the type of move the company has envisioned, and the chairman believes that the pairing will be help sales expand geographically and provide both sourcing and retail rollout benefits. “Maaji was the type of unique brand than we wanted to bring on board,” said Thakran. “This combination will drive many synergies.”


Sisters Manuela and Amelia Sierra founded Maaji and have sought to blend Colombian heritage with whimsical beachwear design since 2002. Now a large player in the Americas market, the brand touts that it is “made in Colombia with love” and is known for its colorful and reversible swimsuits that allow each item to feature different designs. Maaji’s bikinis have appeared on the runway at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue as well as in fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Shape, Seventeen, and Women’s Health.

Maaji’s products are now distributed in 54 countries, and it has 12 branded stores – in areas including Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena, and Barranquilla – in addition to its presence with retailers including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, and Zappos. Its latest venture came last month in Cartagena with the launch of the “Maaji House,” a concept store intended to give customers a richer buying experience.

“This partnership is a critical step towards achieving our vision of positioning ourselves as a global beach lifestyle leader,” said Miguel Piedrahita, CEO of Maaji.

Seafolly CEO Anthony Halas shared a similar sentiment and looks forward to the economy-of-scale efficiencies that the combined brands can leverage. “This merger will create an unique and powerful offering on the global landscape,” said Halas. “With the backing of L Catterton Asia, we will gain access to their ability to source supplies, improve product distribution, and enhance retail channels.”

Swimwear swimwear For Men

Swimwear is an enormous industry and thousands of swimwear makers are offering the market a wide array of options. Nonetheless, the swimwear market seems to favor women more since there are only very few choices when it comes to men’s swimwear.

Conventionally speaking, men are left with the popular brand Speedo for their swimwear, which leaves them with practically no choice at all. In the past, men were used to wearing briefs whenever they went to the sea and the swimming pool. The more daring men years chose to wear thongs and g-strings. G-strings are daring in a sense since they cover minimal part of the men’s front and back while thongs are best described as “posing pouches.”

Conservative men or not-so audacious men have preferred to wear what are called ‘board shorts’ since the 1980’s. Wearing board shorts started in countries where surfing was popular. The surfers didn’t want to have to take the time to change from street wear to swimwear nor did they want to have to keep track of any extra items of clothing that could be left behind or lost. Board shorts look like ordinary shorts as the leg length ranges from the mid-thigh to the knee cap. They typically have two front pockets and most have a back pocket, too. The difference between casual dress shorts and board shorts is the nylon mesh inside and the fabric used to make the shorts. Board shorts are typically nylon, like the inner mesh weave, and casual dress shorts are typically made from cotton or linen.

In the 1990’s, an advancement in swimwear brought about the creation of Jammers by Speedo. This swimwear looks like spandex bicycle shorts and major brands that sell jammer swim shorts use a patented fabric from Speedo called ‘endurance fabric’. This fabric is lighter than nylon and more water-resistant. Swimwear which are made to be water-resistant, have been worn customarily in contests. In competition, the water resistance quality of the swimwear is what separates athletes of equal strength and skill. When two swimmers of equal talent race, the swimmer that is more water-resistant will cross the winning line first because their suit created less drag against the water.

Young Entrepreneurs Combine Web Savvy, African Tradition,

Strike Gold in Kente-Colored Swimwear Line
High-fashion swimsuits should be readily accessible to all women, and a young fashionista and her serial entrepreneur brother have set out to make that happen with Kente designs with a message.

Ashanti Swimwear began after 27-year-old Dexter Opare encouraged his 23-year-old sister Yasmeen Opare, both born in London and raised in Ghana and the English capital, to take her desire to wear unique kente swimsuits on vacation and turn it into a company. Yasmeen loved to visit family in Ghana and lived there for six years, and that inspired the company’s launch.She said her family-run business venture came about organically and was “not intentional at all.”“My brother Dexter and I have worked on many other business projects together since we were very young,” she said in an email. “He encouraged me to pursue this idea and brought his expertise so organically we became partners. We have a very honest and open relationship, which helps us to avoid conflict and challenges.”

Once the line moved into the prototype stage, the siblings knew their cousin Anita Atuobi was a no-brainer to develop the designs.

“She is an incredible pattern cutter and designer, so collaborating with our cousin was very easy,” Yasmeen said.

Ready, Set, … Setback

The business launched in 2016, and in March the duo launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and grow the business. They’d hoped to raise $62,000 but fell short, and that served as a learning opportunity.

“Our failure on Kickstarter taught us that our target audience are not familiar with using crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter and prefer to support us with a purchase on a customer-friendly website,” the Opares said.They switched gears to running a successful pre-order campaign on the Ashanti Swimwear website, where customers can exclusively purchase the Africa-inspired swim looks, through Monday, April 17, and said previous customers have migrated over to support the effort.

“In just four months of launching our brand to the social media community, we have received so much love and support,” the siblings said. “It has been great to see people from different cultures and backgrounds support and appreciate African prints and value African fashion. Each day brings us many reasons to be thankful, and we are filled with so much gratitude. We are very excited for what the future holds for our brand.”

Creating a Meaningful Clothing Line

When deciding on what fabrics to choose for the bikini and one-piece suits, the creator zeroed in on durable and high-quality materials that could hold up against the beautiful Ghana-inspired designs. They settled on polyester and spandex, which offered four-way stretch and are suitable for water sports.

“I first created this line for myself, as I love traveling and water sports is an absolute must for me on every trip,” Yasmeen said. “So it was important to have the balance of high-performance fabrics that would not compromise the quality of the African prints.”

Such prints include the Apremo-Canon pattern, which covers the best-selling one-piece suit called Yaa. It is a silky-feeling piece that is part of the Kente Queen Collection that Yasmeen designed in her bedroom. Apremo-Canon is a Kente design symbolic of resisting foreign domination, something Ghanaians had to fight for beginning with English colonizers in the 15th century.

Another Yasmeen-designed line, Ntoma/Ankara Collection, also holds significance. Its Efia swimsuit has patterns inspired by the Ghanaian Entoma, or cloth, print and includes colors like gold, which represents wealth and royalty, and green, which is associated with health and growth.

Sizes for each swimsuit range from small to extra-large, with prices ranging from $123 to $198. Worldwide shipping is available from Los Angeles. Since there have been many requests to make the swimsuits for women available to men and children, Dexter explained a line for guys is in the works, with a kids one being a possibility. The company is also looking to expand sizing options since many women have different bust and hip or waist measurements.

“I’m very passionate and intentional about creating a platform to help women in the diaspora and in Africa to dominate in the online e-commerce space so they can be location-independent and offer the same support to their own communities,” Yasmeen said of the web store.

The brand is open to the option of pop-up shops in the future, as well as stores across the world if they can spot a demand.

My buddies and I Seem like Marilyn

Monroe in This Bathing suit
It all began with a basic pair of trousers. We published about this suspiciously flattering set a little while as well as the response was therefore enthusiastic, this got all of us thinking: Perhaps you should sniff the most flattering points across a bevy of categories, from your most skin-enhancing light bulb towards the brightening vision drops for the shapewear created for all sizes? Meet to Complementing Week around the Strategist.

1 day, scrolling through Instagram, We spotted an extremely pale, stylish friend of mine within a gorgeous, reddish one-piece bathing suit, striding throughout the beach searching straight-up just like a pinup coming from a ’60s beach film. This is a buddy who I would never noticed expose her skin towards the light of day, who also usually covers her physique under eight layers of black, here she had not been only assured and glowing, but ready to be took pictures of in what on her was following to nothing at all. I texted her instantly. Where do she have this magical match?

Soon, I had formed my own reddish colored “Bathing Beauty” one-piece simply by Esther Williams. My friend is usually skinny and straight-figured; We are not really. My size will change between a great 8 and a 10, and i also have an sufficient chest that spills away of almost any kind of one-piece best suited the rest of me. The moment I place this one upon, though, I actually felt like Marilyn Monroe. Completely a lovely, prominent sheen, ruching (when the information gathers within a purposeful way) in the front side that reduced my stomach, low-cut lower leg holes that covered the widest a part of my sides, and a halter best and light boning for the type of chest support that most swimsuits never produce. At $90, it’s a 4th of the cost of the closest vintage equivalent, the cultish one-piece from Canon Kamali.

I have had the suit intended for five years now and take that everywhere My spouse and i travel. The young taylor has one out of polka spots. Zooey Deschanel wore a bikini edition on Fresh Girl. A size-12 friend i have who has an excellent, sexy tummy, saw quarry and offers since bought four of her personal. She adored that your woman could observe real ladies – by petite to plus size — wearing the suits about ModCloths’s internet site, and virtually lives in her suits day-to-day when visiting her family in Hawaii. I really like that I may throw on a skirt following swimming and appear like I am wearing an adorable dress. Occasionally, I actually just set mine in the winter and lounge about my house, feeling fantastic, because there is no better salve for achieveing a rad you can’t control than deceiving you’re in your private Seaside Blanket Stop.

Just how Chloe Dunlop Of Your woman Made Me Released An Ethically-Sourced

Swimwear Company On Social networking
Chloe Dunlop is the creator of The woman Made Me, a line attache swimwear for women and resortwear hand crafted by artists in Bali. She Helped me has get one of the most well-known swim makes on social networking, with followers including Margot Robbie, Shanina Shaik and Vanessa Hudgens and a presence in retailers incorporating Barneys, Usanza Operandi and Forward simply by Elyse Master.

“I desired to make something which was diverse and fascinating, something that mirrors an psychological connection the other you feel great about putting on, ” Chloe Dunlop stated. “Crochet is not new yet I know my personal approach to the handcraft is usually. I experienced no one was giving attache the time this deserved. I could see an opportunity to produce a swimwear collection crocheted manually ,, in Bali, nurturing the handcraft and supporting the artisans who also make my own garments. ”
Dunlop’s history as a swimsuits veteran inside the fashion market prepared her to set on her personal and release She Helped me.

“I possess a history in outfit production and purchasing and it had been really attractive the design and development procedure, ” Dunlop said. “I started off having a small variety of 4 different ones, which quickly grew to 30 distinct silhouettes by following summer time. I had minimal idea just how challenging the decision-making method and buying your own business might become, particularly when my 1st collection was far more effective than I had formed hoped. ”

Dunlop financed her release of This lady Made Me with $10, 500, a combination of her personal cost savings and a little loan coming from her family members. Dunlop recorded her company’s launch upon social media, which usually grew a requirement for her organization before your woman even experienced made her first collection.

“I began using social websites when I was working on the first collection in Philippines, ” Dunlop said. “I was posting the development procedure, behind the scenes symbolism from our initial photo locations and film photography by my moves, and the pursuing grew actually quickly. I had been receiving email messages daily requesting when the collection would be accessible to purchase. It had been overwhelming however it pressed me personally to start the collection the moment I could. ”Dunlop landed her first main retail accounts through her innovative social networking presence.

“On the day This girl Made Me released, I received an email from your Swimwear Purchaser at Free of charge People, ” Dunlop explained. “She got also were following the method on social websites. ”

Manakai Swimwear owners meld durability and style

“Did you know that more than 70 mil barrels of crude oil will be extracted every year for the swimwear market alone? inch Kelley Chapman told the Lahaina Information.

Chapman may be the co-owner/designer of Manakai Swimsuits. Her spouse is Ould – Lieding.

Raised in Metro atlanta, Georgia, the 36-year-old relocated to Maui in 2007. She actually is a certified diver, marine naturalist and offers “spent several years working on industrial boating procedures here in Boasts County. inch
Chapman gained a Bachelors in Technology in Outdoor Experiential Education and Lasting Tourism coming from Appalachian Condition University.

Lieding is a Circumstance. S. Coastline Guard-certified chief. The 31-year-old competitive paddler is a Hana Elementary and High School alumni. She has a qualification from Dark brown University in Marine Research.

These two power-women, entrepreneurs released an environmentally friendly swimwear organization on Boasts in 2015, with an eyesight “to lead the expensive swimwear sector into an even more sustainable practice using superior quality recycled components, help enable women to feel good within their skin and bring consciousness to sea conservation. inches

Their super-hero mission might appear Marvel-like, but their activities attest to their particular “green-tegrity. inch

Manakai Swimsuits is exactly where sustainability and elegance meet.

The whole collection is usually fashioned by futuristic-type techno-fabric created from reused nylon.

“We are working with top Italian language companies Carvico and Econyl yarn to guarantee the finest cloth in the world is utilized for the swimwear, inches Chapman recommended.

“Almost almost all swimwear and synthetic materials are made out of some type of stretch textile, ” your woman said. “Why continue producing virgin stretch out fabric once there is a variety of waste materials waiting to become collected and repurposed? inches

The duet is a great eco-force inside the waters encircling Maui.

“Last week, Ould – and I put in four time cleaning an enormous drift net off the rugged shore close to McGregor’s Stage. We are gradually working on a series facility, therefore items like place be completed and repurposed into additional products instead of being left into the landfill. A majority of each of our swimwear is really repurposed cat netting, very well Chapman left a comment.

“On a nearby level, our company is attempting to produce an efficient program for saving and repurposing nylon six plastics which can be found in Boasts Nui oceans. We have currently contacted many colleagues about Maui and also have collected a lot of money of coming up to be repurposed, ” Lieding detailed.

“In addition to applying recycled materials, ” Chapman boasted, “we now produce in the USA, wherever workers happen to be paid exciting wages and treated with integrity. Manakai Swimwear is definitely proud to aid the local overall economy and ensure an extremely valuable skill is held viable and strong within our country. inch

Jennifer Yi and Later on Makarewicz take the Manakai collection at their very own retail store, Goin Left, located at 143 Dickenson St

“We bring Manakai since it’s a regional, small business just like ourselves, as well as the line uses eco-conscious fabric. The items that we bring are also invertible, so it’s enjoy getting two pieces in a single, ” Yi commented.

The eco-collection may also be viewed and purchased on-line at manakaiswimwear. com. Rates start at $96.

Beyond the results, however , Lieding has a desire: “Manakai Swimsuit will develop to become a global inspiration intended for companies trying to operate sustainably. ”

Because their website says, they are “making a difference 1 bikini each time. “